Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Invincible Love

When the first thing that knocks me into consciousness
And along with the morning’s rays greet me,
Is your sweet name
How can you be out of my mind?

When among millions twinkling in the firmament above
Have I spotted only one
Whose iridescent beams had my reflexes set,
How can I let your glimmer dwindle?

When the E-mail address that I daily use
And the signature that I scribble on innumerable pages
Has your name incorporated in it,
How can I ever forget you?

When your name has rented
A permanent shelter in my heart
With its imprint so vivid,
How can I let it fade?

When the very thought of you
Or the mere utter of your name
Showers me with unprecedented happiness,
How can I not endure it?

When the incessant chant of your name
Deep within my heart
Is the only lullaby to help me shut my eyes,
How can I avoid you?

When I have you held hostage
In the prison of my heart
And have sealed all means of escape,
How can I let you go?

When engrossed am I with your thoughts
From dawn till twilight and long into the night
And from cradle of the infant to the silence of the grave,
How can I not remember you?

When all that I long for
Is to have you tethered forever
Under the tree of my love,
How can I let you leave?

When lest you slither into the deep abyss
Should I provide the necessary ledge
To help you up the rocky fall,
How can I let you be in dungeon?

When I have you busted
For the malicious act of stealing my heart
And have you fixed in the dock,
How can I let you escape?

When all that I wish
Is let time doth not diminish your love
Nor stale your trust in me,
How can I ever live without you?