Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Unemployment- Where the Lapses Lie

Despite the best efforts of the government to address the issue of unemployment which rates at 2.9% of which youth unemployment rate as of Kuensel May 2nd, 2014, is reported to be 9.6% which is a matter of big concern. The soaring cases of unemployment is attributed to the lack of proper mechanism by the government and relevant agencies to address this issue, lack of congenial working environment and proper selection process in the private and corporate bodies, employment of so many expatriate workers in the construction sites and the inadequacy of the education system to equip the youth with the requisite skills.

Well, one of the common reasons cited by the government agencies and corporate sector for the lapse is due to the shortage of manpower. If this is the case, it is imperative that the government agencies make strategic human resource plan and recruit manpower from the job market.
Another key issues that affect employment is the lack of facilities and infrastructure in the rural areas. This subsequently makes employment a centralized phenomenon.

In addition, one of the main factors that refrain the job seekers from venturing into private sector is the lack of conducive conditions like having to work for long hours without overtime charges, salary not paid on timely basis and termination without benefits. Another reason is the lack of job security as well as personal security especially for woman employees.

Also, the lack of transparency in the selection process in the Private and corporate bodies where vacancies were announced for the sake of doing it while nepotism-driven employee would have been already given due priority.

The employment of so many expatriate workers or laborers at the construction sites and many other fields while our country possesses enough man power for the same is yet another factor dwindling employment opportunities for local workers. This accounts for the outflow of major share of our income. Had this system been ceased, simultaneously the money saved may be diverted for augmenting the pay of our workers. Then it would have provided a platform where people would readily join any work as long as they get paid, and hence eliminate the discrimination of works.

The other loophole is attributed to the inadequacy in the education system to provide skill oriented education or learning processes which otherwise would have equipped the students with the necessary skills suitable for any work. The failure of the government to provide necessary and adequate training to the energetic youngsters who possess tremendous potentiality to perform almost all kinds of work also dwindles the employ-ability of the job seekers.

The one side of the topic which depicts that the lapse lies in the government agencies, private sectors, corporate sectors and the relevant agencies has been presented in the aforesaid lines. However, an individual employee is also responsible for the so-called Unemployment in certain ways. The lines to follow will unfold the other causes of unemployment associated with an individual jobseeker.

 Good work ethic is one of the essential element that the employers want incorporated in the employees. Good work ethic encompassing hard work, perseverance, integrity, discipline and professionalism are considered missing in the Bhutanese employees.

Lack of adequate knowledge, skills, experience and values in an individual which duly make them unfit for the kind of work they prefer or which they get offered. The incompetency of an individual candidate to work in the sector opted.

In addition, prejudice or bias against blue collar jobs from the job seekers despite their educational qualification is duly responsible for the apparent discrepancy.

 Lack of financial assistance and confidence on part of youth to start their own venture and or private business or organization is still on a strong foothold. This in turn is impeding the process of privatization or the implementation of individual innovative ideas.

Lack of innovative ideas in the amateur youth may also be one of the contributing factors for unemployment.

Resistance from youth to join private organizations considering it undependable is also hindering the employee’s decision to opt to work in one of such organizations despite the fact that such sectors has preferably better employment scopes and opportunities.

Lack of work spirit in people where almost everyone in this modernized and advanced world would prefer a job involving minimal effort or a sedentary one and on the contrary expect more salary is one kind of mindset that the employment seekers are conjoined with. Lapse or such mindset of people would greatly contribute to the crisis of unemployment. 

All in all, I believe that the blame game of the mismatch between skills with job available should come to a halt. Nobody was born equipped with skills or skill is not an innate trait but traits that can be acquired as one meddle with the job in the due course of time. Given a chance and an opportunity, every individual possess an innate potential which awaits its unfoldment to the world outside. It just takes a spark to trigger their inner talents to showcase their iridescent flames.

And hence it is important for the government agencies and the corporate bodies to render the opportunity or congenial conditions so that the ones employed will be able to perform in line and unanimity with the agencies. The joint effort of the government and the education sector in equipping the youth with the requisite skills and mindset for the acceptance of blue-collar jobs coupled with innovative ideas would emanate radiance on the mundane path of unemployment.