Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Choice

In life, we always have the choice; the choice to be happy, creative, successful and productive.

For instance, you got a slight misunderstanding in your relationship. The choice is entirely yours whether to lay it down on the panel of discussion and solve it instantly or let your egocentric trait to shut the door to liberation. If you choose the latter one, I am certain that it will devitalize you intellectually.

Under such a circumstance, it is extremely important for you to open up your mind, hear his/her stance of the story, enclose yourself in the clothing of empathy, understanding and forgive.

And in another instance, you have heaped a well sought-out plan. All of a sudden, it has been hammered to the ground by a certain wave of interruption.

Now, you can choose to be contented with it for you always have the bigger opportunity waiting as long as you continue to breathe or be tremendously disappointed and toss an air of disappointment that will yield to nothing but frustration and rage.

The same principle applies to the food we eat. For example, you are having gastritis and the option to alleviate or aggravate it is but a choice of yours.

You can continue to take spicy, piquant and oily foods to aggravate it or go for simpler meals that will let you bid a final farewell to the infirmity.

You can choose to be hardworking, determined and studious person who most of the time remains with his nose poked into the book. The result would obviously be rewarding and satisfactory.
On the contrary, it is also a choice of yours to engage in unhealthy practices and regard books as the most dreadful of enemy. And so will happiness and success abandon you.

But all these, the act of obviating the negative forces and inculcating ourselves with the impetus of positive focus or thought for a rightful choice may not spring as easy as I mention it here.

The practice of righteous thinking and consequently the rightful action is possible only if we train or tame our mind. Thus meditation is the only tool with which we can sever the boulder of rightful thinking.

It is only through constant repose and silence that we come to a conscious realization of what is right and what’s not. By then, our conscious becomes clear and vivid within ourselves which in turn will manifest in the act we resort to daily.