Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Implacable Torment

The beads of perspiration clinging to every bit of my hair, dripping and meandering its lane over the surface of my body agitates me. The heat-induced lethargy would have the enthusiasm and progress of my daily endeavor deterred. I feel like I am being confined to a burning furnace. I remain inside the seclusion of the four walls of my room or classroom during the day time.

I become more of a nocturnal, stirring out of my den only when dusk superimposes the daybreak. Most of my time would be fleeting in taking shower where even twice a day wasn't a satiable one. Sweats keep on creeping now and then out of my body and trickling its way that agitates me immensely.

My four years of lodging in the tropic hasn't done much to acclimatize my body to the intense heat. Neither has it changed my attitude towards it. Ever since it takes its toll from mild warmth to the intolerable roasting heat, I land up protesting in a no-win situation.

In my agitated mood, I run to the bathroom to get some relief. Rather my agitation gets magnified when the hot water steams upon my body. I scuttle over to the terrace to gasp some fresh air, but the hot air circulating had a rather choking effect on me. I revisit my room, a reservoir of sizzling air and surrender myself under the fan that swirls and twirls the hot air within my room.

Even my bed became a place abandoned. The place which drew me instinctively and instantly for the rest of the season had me repelled for this particular season. The role that my blanket played in ushering me warmth became an asset of complete obsolescence.

The solutions worked out provided but a very little effect. I go out in dire anticipation of a mild air for cool air is a thing that I would term as being completely incongruous. The mosquitoes hovering and buzzing around my ears would be a thing of total dismay. In addition, the throbbing sting that it plunges into my tender flesh really vexes me. The ensuing scratches would be to the extent of bruising me.

In utter despair, I stride towards my bed, trusting the shield provided by the mosquito net. It does wonder in warding off the notorious creatures but it did an equally incredible work of blocking the air that I would die for. Enclosed and delimited by the case, I would remain rooted and heated a convalescent on the bed.

At least during the days, I was freed from the prickly attack of the mosquitoes. Contrary to the nocturne played by the mosquitoes, there is a roaring uproar of diurnal creatures. It keeps on illegally rummaging over all my stuff. This group of notorious creatures; the houseflies used to have a quick landing on the port of my body, irritating and titillating me with the sliding run-way they make over my body.

 Needless to mention that I bathe twice a day for these creatures are shameless enough to budge their filthy legs over mine. It isn't a rare thing to spot their corpse embedded in the rice and curries, and floating over curd and soups. The moment I spot them, my appetite clicks in the reverse direction. And as dusk overtakes the bright hue of the daylight, these creatures congregate over the ceilings like prayer beads in succession.
This is the height of destitution that I was thrown into amid mending my way for a brighter future; the day and night’s torment by these creatures coupled with the soaring temperatures.

With an intense heat as this, I can almost prophesy that I am going to be roasted, with the effect that I will be refined as fine as a toast. I am skeptical as to whether my peers and relatives could recognize me when I return to my serene native place.

This is the height of destitution that I was thrown into amid mending my way for a brighter future; the day and night’s torment by these creatures coupled with the soaring temperatures.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Be Mine for Eternity

The moment you stepped into the journey of my life,
I had this feeling that I can never stop walking,
No matter whether the path is rugged,
Or overtaken by the bushes of prickly outgrowths,
Your presence has always adorned my path
With tiles so smooth and plants so exquisite,
And the streams so chilly, meandering about my path.

Now, would you whisper thy lovely words into my ears?
Would you hum the musical beat of your intone?
Would you carol a gentle stride along with me?
Or would you retaliate if your feet get pricked?
Would you rewind your route and let me move alone
If you envision a peril waiting at the end of our path?

For you, my only accomplice on the path of my life,
Midst millions have I chosen you as my sole companion,
I make a pledge here;

Please dear, don’t leave me on the path of my journey,
Don’t let me shed tears of forlornly cries.
For I can never be able to stroll on my path without you,
Be my Accomplice for eternity.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And There is More to Life

It is a common adage that “Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% perspiration”. How far does the line comply with what you do or achieve?

Well, as for me, the more I plunge myself into hardships, the more immune I become to the vagaries of life. I emerge as a little stronger, bolder and more is the tenacity with which I come to know about the realities of life.

In addition, every hardship rewards me with the immense gratification that I was able to loom in front of the challenge rather than receding; with the happiness that I was able to confront challenge rather than running away from it; and the motivational impact that the challenge has left on me which can contribute towards my growth.

It is no doubt that many kids by virtue of their fortune or karmic association were born and raised on beds of roses. But the probability or the degree to which they understand the realities of life is seemingly minimal. And so is their ability to withstand the vagaries or hardships of life.

For instance, it is nothing difficult for a person like me to adjust to the South Indian dishes for I am someone who survived on a cupful of insipid kharang (ground corn flour) porridge or a ball of white rice with black tea as breakfast during my primary schooling. A credit to my upbringing in such situation for almost anything can slide down my gullet now. I find myself savoring everything that is laid on my dining table while many land up tossing an air of discontentment.

If we plunge into the inner realm of self, there is so much to be retrieved, rekindled and relished. I feel that we are so privileged to be born as an individual without any defect to our sense organs, contrary to the many handicapped that we often come across. We are gifted with the ability to express ourselves, to manifest the voice of our world within to the world without; as against a dumb or a man without a tongue.
We are ushered with the panoramic opportunity to study; a platform where we can mould our individuality, contrary to someone who couldn't afford to or who had to drop school and earn a living for his/her family.

If I cite a narration in this regard, the picture beneath is a boy name Suresh, whom I have spotted 4 years ago strolling care freely with his mother into our kitchen mess, oblivious of the purpose and direction of his presence. And now he is at the same place to do the chores that his mother used to run, when she succumbed to a dreadful illness.
Suresh with one of his co-workers.
I see him every day doing a myriad of chores; wiping the dining tables, brushing the floor with the broomstick, washing kitchen utensils, chopping  vegetables, kneading and rolling dough, carrying mess provisions from outside the hostel into the mess and the wastes laden buckets from inside to outside for disposal.

Many people are tethered in this way from excelling in their life, the unfavorable circumstances suppressing their latent potentialities from unfoldment. But WE are blessed with all the things set RIGHT for us to study and to explore the budding qualities within. All that we need to do is to exploit it and become someone who can upheaval those who are least fortunate rather than simply sympathizing.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Love Invincible

When the first thing that knocks me into consciousness
And along with the morning’s rays greet me,
Is your sweet name
How can you be out of my mind?

When among millions twinkling in the firmament above
Have I spotted only one
Whose iridescent beams had my reflexes set,
How can I let your glimmer dwindle?

When the E-mail address that I daily use
And the signature that I scribble on innumerable pages
Has your name incorporated in it,
How can I ever forget you?

When your name has rented
A permanent shelter in my heart
With its imprint so vivid,
How can I let it fade?

When the very thought of you
Or the mere utter of your name
Showers me with unprecedented happiness,
How can I not endure it?

When the incessant chant of your name
Deep within my heart
Is the only lullaby to help me shut my eyes,
How can I avoid you?

When I have you held hostage
In the prison of my heart
And have sealed all means of escape,
How can I let you go?

When engrossed am I with your thoughts
From dawn till twilight and long into the night
And from cradle of the infant to the silence of the grave,
How can I not remember you?

When all that I long for
Is to have you tethered forever
Under the tree of my love,
How can I let you leave?

When lest you slither into the deep abyss
Should I provide the necessary ledge
To help you up the rocky fall,
How can I let you be in dungeon?

When I have you busted
For the malicious act of stealing my heart
And have you fixed in the dock,
How can I let you escape?

When all that I wish
Is let time doth not diminish your love
Nor stale your trust in me,
How can I ever live without you?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Contradiction Implacable

The more I try to glean a view of the stars above,
And appreciate the beauty woven in it,
The further it tends to dissipate amid the dusty firmament.

The more I try to stroll to a rosy garden,
And gasp a fragrance emanated by the scarlet bloom,
The faster it tends to shed its petals on the gritty mud beneath.

The greater effort I plunk to reach the lush lawn,
And bask under the warmth of the sunny radiance,
The faster is the obscurity proliferated by the flimsy clouds.

The higher the frequency that I maintain to approach you,
And glitter a spark to our love life under reeling,
The faster is the pace at which you walk out on.

The harder I try to listen to my inner voice,
And try to understand my true self,
The more perplexed it becomes as the instincts of immorality pollute it.

The more I try to wander leisurely on the path of life,
And assign an essence to the transient life in possession,
Faster the time tends to drag the wheel of my existence.