Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Contradiction Implacable

The more I try to glean a view of the stars above,
And appreciate the beauty woven in it,
The further it tends to dissipate amid the dusty firmament.

The more I try to stroll to a rosy garden,
And gasp a fragrance emanated by the scarlet bloom,
The faster it tends to shed its petals on the gritty mud beneath.

The greater effort I plunk to reach the lush lawn,
And bask under the warmth of the sunny radiance,
The faster is the obscurity proliferated by the flimsy clouds.

The higher the frequency that I maintain to approach you,
And glitter a spark to our love life under reeling,
The faster is the pace at which you walk out on.

The harder I try to listen to my inner voice,
And try to understand my true self,
The more perplexed it becomes as the instincts of immorality pollute it.

The more I try to wander leisurely on the path of life,
And assign an essence to the transient life in possession,
Faster the time tends to drag the wheel of my existence.