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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Revivalism

Whatever or whoever stride a separate way will find its own way to tune its ultimate destiny to which it belongs to.
The coconut copra (technical term for coconut), which I with utter embarrassment managed to procure from the research station, had its way parted. The nut which I have left basking in the sun for attaining the desirable moisture content to relish its extra taste did we I spot missing. It might flicker many into wonder as to why I am mentioning all these silly things here. In fact, it didn't come on as easy as it disappeared from its basking site. The very way in which it landed into my hand has a very long and funny tale though.

It all began with our Horticultural Scientist displaying us cup copra of varying months and varieties for testing the desirable moisture content for augmenting its shelf life. After demonstrating us the calibration and the actual working of the Moisture Meter, he had us escorted to the field. There, we were shown the rotary movement with which the coconut leaf shredder chops the waste biomass into desirable pieces. The shreds were then subsequently used as mulch material or diverted to its use for compost or vermicompost preparation.

Immediately after returning, Our Scientist instructed us, ‘You can test these coconuts’. Much to our elation, we hurried over to grab one each. One of my friend exclaimed, ‘Sir, I would like to taste one entire nut’. To this, he had a very confusing look augmented by a few furrows on his forehead. Reluctant but he didn't fail to consent to my friend’s quest.

It was quite shameful to let our mind be preoccupied with the urge to savor the meaty and appealing coconut endosperm(the nutty edible portion). This was vivid from our comprehension of the word test for taste. Of course, we did test the moisture level with an additional gain of a nut to taste too. That’s how we got to own the nut for a span of 5 hours and to discover its absence from the place where it ought to be. The same did I spot at the side of our house a day later, without much damage except for a few dust encrustations.

Then, I washed my shoes a day and I had the soles dried separately. I had to give a hard rubbing with brush to ward off the dust and mud clinging to it after regular field visits. An instant later, I noticed one of my shoes sole having gone. I have the blame muttered over the gallant wind that swirled with dust encased in it. I strode a step here and there in my worthless search. The very next morning, I was astonished to see it right in front of my door step.

The journey to research station was always a kind of fight for the limited seats. The fight which is a no win situation in most of the cases. With the left hand stretched to get hold of holder for steadying jerks, the right one tugged with the pack lunch box, and the bag crammed with books, pens, etc., sliding over the shoulder; it wasn't an easy task to move on around.

In the hustle and bustle of such realm, I had my umbrella gifted to whoever the lucky passenger in the bus might have been. It was a necessity, the one that hoarded me from the tropical scorching sun. But it has its way parted from me. The attempt to replace it was a vague idea as the small shops in the village didn't have one in store. Exactly after a week, the bus attendant tapped my shoulder with my lost umbrella.

These incidences sound so insignificant and minor. What others might let it slip off with negligence, I have the minute details recorded for it had my subconscious mind seized for a simple realization.

If things part their ways or had their separate ways at one point of time, then it is bound to surprise you with its ultimate destiny at another instant. If it is meant to belong to you, it will be yours no matter what. The same principle applies to persons too, not just things. So never let time to tick by lamenting over the lost things or the dear ones who had their ways parted from you. There is no point in doing so. Tread your path with the hope of reviving the lost things or recuperating your bereaved heart at the end of the path.

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