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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gruelling With the Cyber Networking World.

I witnessed dawn when the cob-web woven poles, soot-laden ceilings and the dimly lit corners of my house glowed upon the electrical sparks surpassing the lean wires. With glowing radiance came glee on my face.

The installation of telephone towers added yet enormous link to my delight and to enthrall of the people who remained afar. The first buzz of the fixed phone would drive me galloping at the pace sufficient enough to get tuned to the caller on the other side. I would get a firm grab and talk with exuberance while others who followed would eagerly wait for a narration to be cited.

Then the era of cellular networks zoomed abruptly. It bridged the gap subsisting between every individual. My two hands would voluntarily take alternate turns in reaching the device to my ears and then ushering the news or message into the ear canals.

I would remain glued to the screen for hours together. My attempt to do something productive would be nullified by my evil instinct dragging me to the irresistible page of face book. I fail to perform the works assigned to me at times but never fail to pay my regular visit to face book. I would be absorbed in pouring emotions, frustration, conveying love; scanning over the news, confessions, other relevant web pages and the lists goes on and on.

The Social Networking  Protagonist...
I would regard face book as a Tool box encompassing all types of tools, provided I know what tool to be selected for the specified purpose or objective to be met. Or else, I would land up hitting the wrong nail or fixing it in the wrong place.

The rapidity with which news and information traverse on such social media is such that at times, it may usher a false warning or threat to the intellectual well being of many. Nevertheless, it is always a step ahead to be well informed and aware of the happenings elsewhere around the world.

When Skype entered the world of beings, it wasn't a difficult task for it to get blended with the everyday lives of the people. It occupied a place of pride and utility in the world. Many a times, a message would pop, “Do you have Skype I.D.?” It indeed is a good way to be connected with our beloved ones, family and relatives. Some have even exploited it to the advantage of its use as a teaching medium.

Linked in, the world’s largest professional networking website is yet another milestone in extending our existing network of trusted contacts. It is the leading professional network on the web to connect with classmates, faculty, and family professionally. Try this out if you want to augment your networking professionally.

Making free calls, sending text messages, leaving voice messages, exchanging  files and images instantly as long as uninterrupted internet connection persists on apps  like We Chat, Whats App, Viber, Line and the like  is a trend which is on the ascend these days. I wonder what the next advancement in the cyber networking world would be to knock us and reel with the world we live in.

The Social  Networking Endowments...

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