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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Unforeseen Excursion

We sprang forth lousily from my cozy blankets. The expels blended with the foggy jet of vapors and the yearns are a vivid indication of our desire to lounge for a little more time.  But the minute hand of the watch ticked its way a bit too fast and at a pace insurmountable.  And so we were made to let haste drag us along with the swinging time.

The long hairs that adorned each one of us suffered a nasty pull with the elastic yet hard-wearing combs. Some wove it into a neat plait, a few others hoisted it up into a pony, while the others let it drift unbound over their shoulder to sway its gentle stride in the breeze.

Off we flickered, out of our house, pouring onto the streets and finally to the bus stand. We boarded but a bus already crammed with passengers. But nothing bothered us as it has been a trend for quite a period of time. A nap in the bus did well in curtailing the boredom which might have plagued us on the journey over the mundane roads.

An hour later or so, much to our elation, the so-called farmer’s representative came to get us. He led us to the flower market instantly. There were clicks everywhere. The sight of the flawless, myriad-colored blooms, displayed in the supreme appealing positions; the surplus ones being packed into containers of various designs and types, intended to be heading into different directions was really a heart-thrilling scene.

Our visit to the flower gardens were greeted by the exquisite blooms, crested amid the lush green leaves. The blooms with varying indentations of pigmentation laid impeccably embedded in the humus-rich Godavari alluvial soils.

Nature has always inspired us and we have so much to learn from it. So often, it may not appear that obvious to us. We have to take a closer look at it, or examine carefully and intimately. Only then, it will usher us with the requisite information that we are actually gleaning for.

We strolled from a flower garden to another; from jasmine to crossandra to marigold, and then from rose to chrysanthemum to tuberose gardens and their respective nurseries. The beauty enshrined in each one of them left us awestruck. What greater joy is there than appreciating the beauty of nature?
The joy in appreciating the beauty of Nature...

Everyone pouted their faces with an expression of exhaustion. But to our relief, one of the farmers mounted his coconut palm in offering us what we have been craving for so long. The tender coconut water, owing to its sweet relishing taste and well attributed to have immense medicinal value, has a greater appeal for every one of us.

However, one of my friends put an abrupt seizure to our further attempt to savor some more.
“All of you! That’s enough for now. Where do you think you can accommodate the delicious food that we are going to relish at the Hotel Shelton?” The rest of us signaled a nod of consent.

We halted an auto-rickshaw and directed him to take us to an ATM first and then drop us to the Hotel of our interest. Our first halt at the State Bank of India ATM was counteracted by the board that displayed, ‘Out of service’. Our subsequent two attempts didn't yield any satisfaction either. The Security guard at the ICICI bank ATM said that the services (for all ATM of kind) won’t be available until the next day.

Exasperation and devastation overwhelmed us for whatever the small amount in possession; we have it spent on buying some plants, and on the travel expenses. And now we were left with only the money which can at least afford to reach us back home. The incessant strikes left us with no choice. But we were avid enough not to let the last tinge of our hopes get extinguished.

The Shelton Hotel (Rajamundhry) laid so magnificent with ample parking space for those who brought their cars which most did; and beautiful creepers adorning the building facade. When everyone dressed in their finest outfits emerged out of the opulent cars with an aura of dignity and pride; we leaped forth from an auto with our clothes mended with dusts. The mud-laden shoe soles imposed quite a hindrance in moving forward.

Two tall men with a different outfit and a red, pointed hat with a twist in the middle greeted us at the entrance gate. A clerk at the front desk rekindled our hopes that the payments can be made through cards. And we were directed to go to the 7th floor to avail the dish of our interest. The lift had us flung to the 7th floor in a lapse of seconds.

We made an entry and were pointing our fingers over to the table near the window. Before we could even take a seat, we were confronted with a voice, “Sorry madams, it’s 3:00 pm and no services shall be available hereafter”. No sooner did the sound hit our ear drums than we had an above turn in rushing through the door. With our faces clad with embarrassment, we made an exit as empty and arid as we made an entry there.

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