Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wondrous Nature

O’wondrous nature, thy value innumerable;
The inspiration that you instill in me,
The warmth that you usher me with,
The happiness that you enclose me with,
The therapeutic value that you seal me with,
The fragrance that you greet me with,
The swinging dance that you welcome me with,
The impeccable bloom that you mesmerize me with,
The ideologies that you enrich me with,
Has made me fall for you.

Now, will you let me to ensue the inspirational drive in me?
Will you let me to bask under your radiance?
Will you let me to employ your therapeutic value on me?
Will you let me to gasp your fragrance?
Will you let me to embrace your warmth?
Will you let me to stare at your immaculate bloom?
Will you let me to tag along your ideologies?

The breathtaking blooms of pansy(Viola tricolor)-left and creamy scarlet Gladiolus-right.