Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Memoirs of NGOP,2014

Immaculately clad in the finest of attire,
In myriad of hues of azure blues to violets,
Of darkish maroons to lustrous scarlet,
Of iridescent yellows to olive greens;
The Graduates of 2014 flung their gentle swing,
In dire anticipation of the NGOP 2014.

Crammed are we in the magnificent auditorium,
Fumed by the surmounted radiation of our own body.
And so the flimsy programme booklet,
Flapping vigorously has a reason to foretell.
Our hands were in constant oscillation,
And our minds in steady vacillation,
For we have reached the crucial juncture of our life,
Webbed are we in the perplexity of our path henceforth.

Nevertheless, the venerable dignitaries on the dais,
Emanated us with the radiance of hopes and faith,
Ignited our obscure paths with dazzling light,
And quenched our insatiable thirst of queries.

The inspiring words and tales of His Majesty the King,
Pacified our hearts with immense values,
Instigated in us the deep sense of patriotism,
And tutored us to follow his gracious path,
Of undying fortitude to serve his subjects and the country.

We swap our glances here and there;
 Exchanged our words now and then;
Bartered our placid grins a lot;
Shared our cordial laughter over and again.
A moment like this; a memoir remarkable as this,
Would never spring back in our lives.
Yet the reminiscences shall we revere,
And inscribe on our hearts to summon up
For now and times immemorial.

As time ticked by day and night,
The pages of our programme booklet flipped to an end,
To mark the time we stride our sovereign trail,
The time we repay our debts to the ones,
Who selflessly molded us into a wholesome individual.

Hails do us from regions poles apart,
Yet congregated are we under a solitary roof,
Flocked are we under the azure blue sky,
Cling do we to distinct beliefs,
And specialized are we in field so diverse,
Yet in unison we tread,
“To become a better human being”
And to serve all with our gallantry acts.

The memories that will remain encrypted within the depths of my heart..