Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Thursday, March 20, 2014


If today’s tranquility,
Is going to be surpassed by tomorrow’s bedlam;
If today’s construction,
Is going to be rewarded with tomorrow’s destruction;
If today’s victory,
Is going to be obliterated by tomorrow’s defeat;
If today’s joy,
Is going to be dimmed by tomorrow’s sorrow;
If today’s strength,
Is going to be counteracted by tomorrow’s weakness;
If today’s fitness,
Is going to be plagued by tomorrow’s feebleness;
If today’s flawless blossom,
Is going to be blemished by tomorrow’s storm;
If today’s immaculate attire,
Is going to be frayed tomorrow;
If today’s lush green foliage,
Is succumbed to be tomorrow’s fall;
If today’s glee,
Is going to be averted to tomorrow’s gloom;
If today’s existence,
Is going to be wiped away by tomorrow’s mortality;

What is there that is not stung by immortality?
What is there that human intervention can eschew?
What is left that can stroll on for times immemorial?
What is there that is not plunged into the pool of transiency?


  1. Bitter truth crafted into beautiful verse. Ephemeral reflection. Totally loved it. Keep writing Tashi.

  2. Very profound analysis of the fact. Loved reading! Keep writing. You may also visit my blog:

  3. That was awesome.Great write up la.

  4. Thank you Kipchu N. for leaving your beautiful comment here.