Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And There is More to Life

It is a common adage that “Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% perspiration”. How far does the line comply with what you do or achieve?

Well, as for me, the more I plunge myself into hardships, the more immune I become to the vagaries of life. I emerge as a little stronger, bolder and more is the tenacity with which I come to know about the realities of life.

In addition, every hardship rewards me with the immense gratification that I was able to loom in front of the challenge rather than receding; with the happiness that I was able to confront challenge rather than running away from it; and the motivational impact that the challenge has left on me which can contribute towards my growth.

It is no doubt that many kids by virtue of their fortune or karmic association were born and raised on beds of roses. But the probability or the degree to which they understand the realities of life is seemingly minimal. And so is their ability to withstand the vagaries or hardships of life.

For instance, it is nothing difficult for a person like me to adjust to the South Indian dishes for I am someone who survived on a cupful of insipid kharang (ground corn flour) porridge or a ball of white rice with black tea as breakfast during my primary schooling. A credit to my upbringing in such situation for almost anything can slide down my gullet now. I find myself savoring everything that is laid on my dining table while many land up tossing an air of discontentment.

If we plunge into the inner realm of self, there is so much to be retrieved, rekindled and relished. I feel that we are so privileged to be born as an individual without any defect to our sense organs, contrary to the many handicapped that we often come across. We are gifted with the ability to express ourselves, to manifest the voice of our world within to the world without; as against a dumb or a man without a tongue.
We are ushered with the panoramic opportunity to study; a platform where we can mould our individuality, contrary to someone who couldn't afford to or who had to drop school and earn a living for his/her family.

If I cite a narration in this regard, the picture beneath is a boy name Suresh, whom I have spotted 4 years ago strolling care freely with his mother into our kitchen mess, oblivious of the purpose and direction of his presence. And now he is at the same place to do the chores that his mother used to run, when she succumbed to a dreadful illness.
Suresh with one of his co-workers.
I see him every day doing a myriad of chores; wiping the dining tables, brushing the floor with the broomstick, washing kitchen utensils, chopping  vegetables, kneading and rolling dough, carrying mess provisions from outside the hostel into the mess and the wastes laden buckets from inside to outside for disposal.

Many people are tethered in this way from excelling in their life, the unfavorable circumstances suppressing their latent potentialities from unfoldment. But WE are blessed with all the things set RIGHT for us to study and to explore the budding qualities within. All that we need to do is to exploit it and become someone who can upheaval those who are least fortunate rather than simply sympathizing.


  1. Such a thoughtful post! Thank you for making me realize how blessed I am. We often need such reminders in life.

  2. This post really brought realities of life. And my experiences also tell that kids who are born in privileged parents understand less of others' sentiments. They simply keep on clinging on the sense of entitlement and keep on bothering their parents, friends & relatives. It takes quite long for them to grow. I am blessed to face so many hardships leaving me with so many useful lessons of life. Nice post Tashi..

  3. Thank you all indeed for giving a life to my post. And yes Rekha ma'am, most of us land up being incomplacent and trudging our intellectual being into the pool of melancholy, despite the simple fact that we are so fortunate and blessed; a reason to be contended and grateful. This is a simple fact that all of us need to be encrypted in the sense of our comprehension.

  4. Indeed we are really blessed to be born as human, that too in the land of happiness and peace. it is an inspirational post, keep writing.

  5. Thank you and truely said Tshewang Dorji. No land is an epitome of tranquility and happiness as our country is.