Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Be Mine for Eternity

The moment you stepped into the journey of my life,
I had this feeling that I can never stop walking,
No matter whether the path is rugged,
Or overtaken by the bushes of prickly outgrowths,
Your presence has always adorned my path
With tiles so smooth and plants so exquisite,
And the streams so chilly, meandering about my path.

Now, would you whisper thy lovely words into my ears?
Would you hum the musical beat of your intone?
Would you carol a gentle stride along with me?
Or would you retaliate if your feet get pricked?
Would you rewind your route and let me move alone
If you envision a peril waiting at the end of our path?

For you, my only accomplice on the path of my life,
Midst millions have I chosen you as my sole companion,
I make a pledge here;

Please dear, don’t leave me on the path of my journey,
Don’t let me shed tears of forlornly cries.
For I can never be able to stroll on my path without you,
Be my Accomplice for eternity.