Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fleecy Snow

As the heavenly firmament could no longer
Take hold of its icy belongings,
The fleecy snow descended into incessant drops.
The sequel was its white foam having clad the dusty ground.
As it initiated its momentary halt upon roofs,
It has its pressure exerted on the porticoes beneath.
The feebly grown twigs and branches,
With their lichen blotched barks,
Couldn't resist but surrender themselves,
That drooped or fell on the ground in utter despair.
The gentle knock it had upon the roofs,
Had its inhabitants fueled up.
The beauty and the glee it brought
Far exceeded the freezing chillness that it sent
Radiating all over their body.
People with weather- bitten appearances,
And glimmering ruddy cheeks,
Rushed out like swarms of bees.

Every mouth that opened,
Ejected lumps of vapour,
That hovered ahead for a moment,
And vanished amid the sky as a few seconds elapsed.
Everyone ruffled in their cravats,
With their cozy boots well up the knee,
Dressed in their tweed jackets,
Swaggered to catch the wavering snow.
The vigilant eyes that blinked constantly,
Made an assurance to gift every passerby with a hit,
By tossing the well molded ice crystal up in the air,
That landed on their target with a thud.

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