Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Transitory Home

The three doors were decorated with bunch of dried mango leaves. God only knew what that actually signifies. Neither did I make an effort to frame a query regarding the same. 8 lean pillars, wrapped with long stripes of leaves supported the thatched dry leaves of roof that led to the entrance door.

The two side doors with bright blue hue with a bronze orange main door in the middle presented an enchanting outlook. Inside laid the dark red cemented floor, as gloomy as its color. The rooms that lay awaiting us wove a sinister design.

Only a single window, the smallest of its kind to usher the glory of morning’s rays and fresh air was it set up with. The very room meant for luggage or kind of store room was ghostly and siren without even a bulb. The bedroom has but a dimly lit bulb. The iridescent rays that it glimmered only hypnotized its’ so called inhabitants.

The bathroom, crammed with mosquitoes, would I ascribe as over-ventilated on account of it being roofless. The rust- laden latches of the two toilets was a lurid indication of it being out of use for quite a span of time. Both were deprived of lighting facilities. This nailed into our brains to put an abrupt ban to move towards it after dusk.

Every dream of or need of water would be encountered by the fact of one having to flung the bucket deep down a well of 5 meter or so. It is rather a good exercise to pull it with all our might, but not when one drearily returns from field.

The walk to the host farmer’s field was nothing but nauseating. Won’t it be obvious when queues of human excreta welcome us on either side of the road? For a moment, I tried withholding my breath. But for how long am I going to continue?

For a day or so, I was awestruck by the conditions of my would -be house. The thought of prioritizing the problems and the consequent solutions sprang to me but at a later instant. The problems after careful scrutiny were nothing of a kind that cannot be solved. A little compromise, a bit of adjustment, a tinge of self contentment and yet a part of problem solving tactics were all that needs to be blended.

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