Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tribute to My Mother.

Motherhood might have been living in the eyes of hurricane,
Yet you wrestled across the gallant waves with steadfast hope.

Your life might have been an expedition barefoot on the thorny bushes,
Yet you were determined enough to stroll on the prickly path.

Your efforts might have been looked upon as toe-curling disparagement,
Yet you were brave enough not to articulate a tinge of forlornly despair.

Your words might have been taken to pay no heed,
Yet you were unruffled enough to march the walk of life.

Your clothes might have been faded and frayed,
Yet you battled hard to adorn your children with the best you could.

Your bare feet might have been cracked and lesion- borne,
Yet you let your kids walk with pride.

Your livelihood might have been slavery at others’ door,
Yet you endured the life of destitution.

Your move might have been howled and barked upon,
Yet you groveled as a stray dog with tail lowered in between her hind legs.

Your days might have been breathing the embers of fiery flames,
Yet you were considerate enough to light other’s eyes with merriment.

Salute to you Ama...


  1. A wonderful post, ma'am Tashi. Hope you are doing good. Take care.

  2. You could play well with words. Nice poem. Thanks for sharing.

  3. nice poem,...dedicating to your beloved mom,...

  4. I would like to extent my gratitude to Pema, Sangay, Langa, Sherab and Kezang sir for pouring in your comments here la...