Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life-A Blend of Everything

From sleeping with piles of blankets, to one without any.
From bathing with geyser heated water, to that of naturally heated water of the tropics,
And from cleansing in well set bathroom to one without roof,
From traveling in flight to strolling for miles,
From being a gluttonous eater to an active doer,
From being a commander to a submissive follower,
From being a sponsor to one in debt,
From working in air conditioned room to that of under blazing sun,
From being an empathic to an ignorant listener,
From reading with utmost concentration to that of visual scanning,
From being a vigorous worker to a bed-ridden convalescent,
From being a voracious reader to an awful indolent,
From being a scruffy brat to a pensive grown up woman,
From shedding juvenile tears to counteracting mellowed decision,
From being an ignorant learner to a courteous assimilator.

The times when my life of iron rods rusted, thrashed and transformed shape,
Yet those are the entities that made me malleable, pliable, adjustable or incredibly adaptable.
I have had my foot stepped in an array of bizarre circumstances,
The steps trod an admixture of iridescent rays and distressing downpour,
That’s what defines me and what I am at the moment.


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  2. Thank you Shemo W. for being a part of my blogging community. Your comments and positive criticisms are always welcome...

  3. That moment of yours, teaches us and inspires us; those who all are on the way to sharpen our Axe. Congratulations and this was indeed a lovely article la.

  4. well written Tashi... you are going to be the source of inspiration for the young writer. as i see the true art of writing in you... keep going and good wishes ahead....

  5. Remarkable Tashi & heartfelt congratulation. You were & you are still, continue with the same flow so PROUD of you, your hard work outshined so brightly.

  6. Mam dozens of congratulations for topping in RCSC examination.

  7. Thank you all the readers for decanting in your words of acknowledgement and still instilling in me a deep sense of motivation.

  8. Dear Tashi,

    Tashi Delek for topping the exam.

    we never met before but I am your proud acho...

    Have a nice time then


  9. hey azhim..congrates and thank you for making us proud..

  10. helo,very warm and kind congratulation for topping the BCSE 2014,and wish you good life ahead la

  11. Thank you my yet to be seen acho Kuenzang Thinley and num Yangchen Tshomo for your words of felicitation, and also Sir Norbu Jamtsho for your god wishes...

  12. My heartfelt and happy congratulation for your high flying color result, indeed it is a great source of inspiration for everyone of us. Thank you for your an exemplary way that you showed and we shall try following the path you have trodden. Best Wishes as you head ahead to open the upcoming chapters of your dogged life. Limitless wishes for a peerless person like you. Hoping everything is going well everyday with dynamic you, your dear beloved parents and benign friends, all with sound in health. Warm-hearted regards from me. Do Great. Take Care. :)

  13. Indeed a wonderful BLEND of words, into a wonderful blend of sentences and rather quite much blendful for a person like me usual... inspirational piece of writing...
    And a hearty congratulations for topping among the toppers and for a successful start for the next phase of your life. Thinking to come to your service if by chance you can make a time for some😊..

    Keep it up!!!!

  14. Thank you @ Ugyen Tenzin and Kinley Wangchuk for further motivating me. And I would love to render my service to any one in need Kinley. So never hesitate to ask for help because I know the difference of having someone to direct you as I have been through the same path myself.