Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Listening to Your Heart- The Right Option.

The first time when I expressed my interest to shift to the bungalow which I am currently dwelling in, I confronted many who were all up against my idea. Even my better half feared and resisted with the fear of me shifting and moving along with someone.

A relative of mine literally called and exchanged conversation over phone stating that I am being insane and or greedy upon hearing that I wanted to do gardening.
My office mates remarked, " How can you be among the ESPs( Elementary Support Personnels)? Will you feel comfortable settling amid them?"

Then  my sister added a halting mark upon my idea. I could still vividly recollect the words that spontaneously rolled off her tongue, "You are one kind of a funny research officer; walking  with gumboots to your office; with tools and implements  that farmers handle as your hand bag. You care the least about your looks. Dye your hair sometimes and let eyeliners brush along your eyes. Always bugging down in the field will make you grow older. Don't you see how I maintain and dress up even if I am not employed? If I were you, I would simply sit on the revolving chair in the office". Even my better half insists frequently to do some make up. I constantly get to hear his word," Zooh rey zoh bey dhoe mey tey".

But my conscious is very clear and only my heart gave its silent response to every halting query they threw.
Literally speaking, I am deprived of all the time for adorning myself in nurturing and attending to the needs and wants of my plants. Not being able to do make  up doesn't plague me with unhappiness or regret but not being able to cater to the needs and take note of the tacit conversation that I have with my plants makes me feel so.

I should not be rated greedy or insane only for making endless efforts to pursue my passion of gardening. Through engaging myself thoroughly, I intend to explore as many things in the shortest span of time possible. Furthermore, I crave for my passion and interest to distend inch by inch daily so as the plants do.

My inner voice also erected a supportive framework in reinstating that by shifting to a simple dwelling nearer to my working place, I can be able to resort to do two-way research- on station as well as at my home garden. The time of more than an hour or so lost daily on idle journey will I be able to divert to productive works. And these are exactly what I am able to do as I have envisioned.

And a point to be noted; I regard everyone as equal. I have no bias and no unusual feeling dwelling among the ESPs. They are also a human alike one, with the same needs and cravings. I treat them fairly well. For this reason, I have them visiting my house for a cup of tea or juice or exchange a conversation.

However, by being good to them, I am not with an intention to exploit them. I have never engaged anyone of them in my gardening endeavor, not even while having to unearth  stones and toil over hard crumps. I shed my own share of perspiration in handling the crow-bars, pick-axes and the like myself.

For all of them own a garden of their own which keeps them engaged from iridescent dawn to the enveloping dusk as I do, I do not intend to deter them from attending to their group of plants. I shall not overlap my priority of works over theirs.

And now , I take a moment to kneel down, clasp my hands into one and usher my words of gratitude to the almighty above. For the kind of life that I am bestowed with and for being my companion all through my life, I owe him. For the first time in my life, I started experiencing the kind of life that I have been seeking after for so long.

I am reeling with a kind of life closely knit with my passion. I have my group of garden plants greeting me every morning right at my door step. I have them to talk to and listen to. I can relish fresh, organic and healthy products from my garden. Besides, everyone appreciates and acknowledges my move now that I can provide everything they wish to have from my garden too.

Some of my relatives went to the extent of saying, " Tashi, your house is a living paradise; so peaceful and serene and in addition, you have all that you want from your garden. I wish to make frequent visits". 

All in all, based upon my experiential narration, I would like to unfurl a piece of advice to all who intend to follow their hearts but are being withheld  or plunged into the world of dilemma by others somehow. It is always better to be in accord with our conscious mind, no matter what others say. If your conscious is clear, then leap a step forward in letting yourself get intertwined in the course of path you intend to be right.

Listen to what others say but don't let it hamper your decision as their interest and or ideas will never comply with yours. You will never regret following  and enslaving your conscious-driven actions and the situation will be vice-versa.

 This is small pie of advice I ought to give to those who are in the mid-way field to saunter a step into being in accord with your consciousness or be dragged in inclining to what others say is good for you.

I have the task of measuring the girth of this globose pumpkin, measuring the extent of distension the Caigua(Ola-choto) on weekly basis and training their tender tendrils over the wire I have extended for their aerial trail.

 The lettuces, roses, lilies that would greet me every morning with their flawless blooms; I have the Ivies knit into a shape I like since I like playing around with them.
My bean pods clinging firmly to its stem; potted tomatoes exhibiting its reddish hue...


  1. Going more organic and it was a wise decision then...

  2. I am very much impressed with what you have done, doing. I know you are very different person, for good only. I hope lots more people would get inspired from you and do exactly what you do. Keep going on, Tashi Delek!

  3. Thank you Sancha and Riku sir for sparing your precious time in going through my post and inscribing in here words that will instill in me the drive to move further...

  4. beautiful! keep it up, may you succeed!

  5. Always an inspiration for me. Authentic character nurtured inside of you has always bought a great deal of my admiration and i encourage you to be evergreen regarding that.

    As for the garden there around your home, I expect myself to be visiting that paradise