Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Friday, October 23, 2015


The sky stuffed with malevolent murky clouds,
That remitted intermittent roars of thunderous beats,
Now unleashed its profuse fleecy belongings to wander about,
And the azure blue firmament casts its heavenly smiles from behind.

The gregarious insects creeping over dense foliage,
That once unearthed the hidden tale of voracious feeding,
And the lush leaves rendered to a lifeless skeletal framework,
Now encased in pupal sheaths; buried themselves latent in the earth.

The white lilies embellishing the garden Eden,
Flawlessness & purity embedded in each disk of its bloom,
Which once magnetized many a gaze in amazement & admiration,
Receded abruptly to the futile stalk of brownish hue in utter exhaustion.

                                                   The lush green meadows blanketing the hillside afar,
Harboring herds of cattle to relish their territorial fodder,
Took to call the note signaled to them by the seasonal swing,
And russet do they appear with the hideous barrenness welcomed.

The flocks of birds inhabiting the tree of their homes,
That caroled from a twig to another with chirping hymns,
Their soothing & gentle hymns no longer traversed my ear canal,
For they took the swift flight to places beyond one’s panoramic view.

The tapering peaks of the gigantic mountain afar,
That remained immaculately clad with glistening snow,
Gave way upon the radiance emanated by the iridescent sun,
And leaves the host tethered to its base; gloomy with its adornment lost.

The millions of stars succeeding the enveloping dusk,
That dazzled its glistening beauty to its innumerable fans,
And extended a warm hand-in-accomplice to the flawless moon,
Diffused in utter despair when the evolving dawn encroached their zone.

The youthful human webbed with energy & enthusiasm,
Who once exercised his brain & wit in changing the world,
No longer could he saunter off to places desired or whisper a word,
For he remains withered a plant in austere stage of restful contemplation.