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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Monu's Romantic Novel as Valentine's Gift?

"Chronicle of A Love Foretold ", a romantic novel by Monu Tamang. Doesn't the title & the cover page in itself reflect the magnificence of the inner content? Well, I, myself having delved into each pages of the book, would say that the striking cover with its amorous title is an absolute replica of the what is embedded within each section of the book.

The story was knit around the protagonist, Kinga Lhendup, a Physiotherapist by profession, who sends out a thread of flashback to unfurl the tale of his past hidden within each fragment of his life's garment.

It portrays a detailed reflection on college life, literally plunging me back into the whirlpool of college days & the turmoil inflicted by the scorching heat of Andhra. An absolute resemblance in the journey in train where we were entirely webbed in fear of losing our luggage  &  little money we possessed.

Another character closely knit with the actions the protagonist resorts to is Namsa Lhazin. She appears to leap her first step in enclosing the two love birds within a formidable fence. Theirs is a tale of romance crossing boundaries like deranging the knot of engagement that his lady has tied with another man, with the consequent of him being fired & even looked down by friends.

Namsa's confession of love without a tinge of hesitation & her letter webbed in true feelings was so romantic. I would like to steal a part  & paste it  here: " The endless chats on Facebook, extended midnight talks &  numerous  walks in the country side. You taught me how to listen to the songs of the wind, the language of the trees, & read the symbolic nature. It was all profound. I fell helplessly in love with you even before I could talk with you."

Monu's book screens a movie of romantic pattern gaining hit episodes in Raichur city; netting out tributaries of his continual voyage in search of his love from the mainstream of Navodaya college.
He more or less adheres his physical bodily acts to the directions ushered to him by his inner voice. For instance, Kinga's persistence & triumph in working towards an almost impossible task of finding an ultimate healing to his patient said to be suffering from Paraplegia & following the language inscribed on his heart for the exultant reunion with Namsa are the clear indications.

Thus, it also in a way convey us the importance of aligning our acts to the language of our inner realm. So the next time, confusion strike you, & when you have many instructing you to do this & that; make a truce with your subconscious being & let it unfold the right option for you.

It also brings to introduction a character named Mala. A part of the story revolving around her was always funny in a foolish way, in sheer contradiction to her own way of showing  her  witty brilliance over others in the class. She is always in pursuit of easier means of scoring high in exams; from  memorizing chunks of texts to be vomited as it is on papers to carrying slips of answers to be sneaked at & pasted in the answer sheets.

The race led by Mala in the hospital upon the TENS machine beeping ignited a flame of laughter in me. This part of the tale reminds us of how perilous little knowledge can turn out to be & the sole purpose of education- the wholesome development of an individual, not just the mere mugging up of theoretical texts to be reproduced in the exams & then subjecting everything to deletion from memory shelf thereafter.

The notorious group devising a witty plan; an act of vengeance to their warden was superficially hilarious to the extent of sending ripples of giggles. However, upon deeper analysis, my heart sent out  waves of sympathy to the man who was only trying to mold them.

 In addition, more liberal time spent at Shruti Bar, intoxicating  & plunging into prolonged conversation on trivial matters opposed to more study time in hostels is something on which I would opt to press 'Unlike' button if a provision is there.   It is sowing a seed of fear in me on my thought of the naughty acts detailed out for it may invoke similar acts by future generations.

My only worry is that people & parents alike would have a completely different notion of colleges in India after reeling through the pages of the book. They might even decide against sending their child to a college in India.

Nevertheless, a book is a book in which a writer weaves words of fiction so as to make it a bit interesting or appealing and suspense-crammed. No writer wants their book to assume a mundane, monotonous style of narrating a tale & bore readers to death. if I go on writing about how sincere & hardworking  Bhutanese students were in college; begging awards & prizes all the time as incident  in many colleges, it is not going to arouse the curious minds as much as a tale of notorious acts would strike their curiosity & the ensuing zest to delve in further until the last page.

I would like to applaud the writer in the use of many interesting phrases of which I note a few here; "The moon gallops, bumping through the dark clouds; Our testosterone remaining highly charged; Books pregnant with pens & pencils inserted between the pages as bookmarks."

The book presents an admixture events of  laughter, emotion, failure, triumph, suspense, bliss, heart-breaking twists, all knit out jointly around the pillar of Love. The story is simple to understand & many would be in a position to suck & relish the nectar of love presented in the book.

The pages of the calendar swept by fast & it boldly unfolds the first day of the month. Wondering what is so special about this month? Well, I bet everyone would be excited about the "Valentine's Day." Some would have already conceived beautiful plans at the back of their mind to surprise their dear ones. A few might have finalized with their soul mates on a exhilarating trip to places afar. But still, majority might be just in inception stage to do something for their lifelong partners. If you have been rummaging your brain for something special to gift to your loved ones, why not opt to pick a romantic book?

 Monu's romantic novel is very well fit to be Valentine's gift to your loved ones. So why not grab a copy of this book and gift it to your beloved ones on this very special day? This romantic novel can be but the greatest gift one can ever think of for your beloved one. Listen to the songs of romance that Namsa & Kinga knits to be sung together.

If you want the love life of yours to spiral & propel higher, then get a copy of it. A rose may perish after a day or two. Cards of love might find its ultimate destiny in the waste bins.  Your words of romance expressed on the day might succumb to deletion from your beloved's memory. But a  book of love on the shelf of your beloved one, inscribed with your own words of love, countersigned by your signatory to augment its value, would entail that you will be embedded in the memory shelf of your soul mate for eternity too.
A dozen copies available with me for sale...

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