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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Enchanted Land of Tuva; A review on The Tale of Tuvian Prince

In the first place, I would like to applaud the writer, James M. Brady, in maintaining a consistent dose of simplicity in his writing from start to the end. The book, enriched with a true tale of romance and values of life is worth letting your eyes steal a consistent gaze.It won't fail to be a page turner.

I equally rejoice in the fact that the writer is able to swing back to a normal life after a fatal accident that robbed him of his stunning wife; leaving him emotionally plagued for the rest of his life. To fill up the hollow dent in his heart and the family, he embarks on a journey that will steer his life in yet unheard direction.

The tale exclusively features the writer's romantic accomplice, Alima. The writer, in his dire quest to breach the gap lands up adopting children from the Republic of Tuva, facilitated by a student exchange programme.

No sooner, the two finds themselves bound by the magnetic power of love. Theirs was a pure test of love;  unyielding to the vastness of age gap between the two. It was a manifestation of romance set crossing over the formidable barrier of religion and custom poles apart.

The name Alima keeps on recurring so often to me. As much as the writer finds it an utterly exigent task to erode the name from his memory lane, it has established quite a prominent place in my brain too. A few lines for the writer in conjunction to his tale shall I unveil herewith;

Dear Mr. James; the Tuvian Prince,

I really appreciate your kind gesture in every endeavor you undertake. Your charitable work has touched the hearts of many and I hope the same trend will follow in the times to come. Fate might have robbed you of the most important person in your life but it didn't tune its cruelty fingers at your heart to rob you of its richness.

Beyond a tinge of doubt, I would regard that to the fact that the heavenly abode might have regretted immensely for having exercised their power of fate in making you half-death for they will be crippled by the loss of a wonderful person.

I can't even imagine the fact that the fatal catastrophe had left your right leg broken at thirteen places. The reality that your face has implants of a metal plate and four screws above your right eye and again two metal plates & six screws below your right eye is something that I cannot ingest; but an unadulterated fact.

However, had you not been through the critical journey of your life, perhaps the idea of writing might not have dawned on you. The series of events ensuing the mishap might have created a dent on your life, and accordingly triggered your sensory stimuli in spontaneously pouring down your feelings in black and white. Perhaps, the book that you have gifted to this world is the silver lining to the dark tumultuous cloud of the misfortune. You have left your legacy to the world in the form of Book embedded with values.

The greatest asset I discovered going through this book was the writer's unwavering faith in leaping forward in life. He, despite hurdles of colossal impact, clings onto the ray of hope and proceeds on with his life. Life may not present us with the  leveled glossy path for all the times. At times, one might have to tread over the thorny; the rugged; the hazardous path and so forth. No matter how treacherous a path you have had walked, there is no time in lamenting over it at the end of the journey. You ought to let the wounds heal, revive yourself to normalcy and start leaping forward.

I have had my heart sunk in the pool of sadness at the end of the story. As tragic as the tale begins, it ends with not much of deviation from the tangent of melancholy. Nevertheless, I was reverted back to my comfort zone with the lesson it bequeathed on me. I take pride in sharing it with you all;

People may enter your life; create a massive impression; perhaps leaving irreparable dent on your heart, and may leave your for eternity without prior notice. But we cannot afford to desolate ourselves in the secluded realm of misery & grief. Life got to move on and we shall be the change agent in the move. Our chance to clutch on the physical realm may seem as imaginary/virtual as the transitory dew drops. We shall not fail, however, to clutch firmly and then cherish the very moments of life.

Life is as good as an iridescent rainbow. A fine moment where the mighty rays converge with the heavenly shower would it loom its flawless colour. Many a spectator would have their fingers pointed in its direction; casting their unflinching gaze in awe admiration. But the very next instant, it will be gone; dispelled by time and conditions. The true reality of our life runs in parallel to the nature of rainbow.The tale of Tuvian Prince is a perfect embodiment of this principle of life.

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  1. I did read Bradys book which is a very incessant story on s.c. forbidden love written in the form of larger diary. It's is warm but the events in the end wit his love are not so happy. Brady minimizes his sad feelings. I expected more information on later times when he traveled several times.Review by Heikki