Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Interested to develop a Mini-Vertical Garden?

Vertical Arrangement of Ornamental Plants, dated 8/11/16.

Vertical Gardens is a new concept of gardening originated in Switzerland. It is to be built with wooden frames enclosed with wire netting. The nets are then studded with sphagnum moss, which serves as a growing medium for the ornamental plants. Nutrient & water should be supplemented at frequent intervals.

Those gardening enthusiast dwelling in cities may try this. This has the advantage of occupying minimal space. It can be shifted from a place to another with ease. It can even be used as an ornamental partition in the drawing-room.

The adage, 'Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions' reigns here. The harsh frosty winter has driven me to create my own Vertical Garden of the sort; a protective armor for my plants & a means of using space efficiently.  Mine is a little deviation from the aforementioned points. I have used pots & hung them by means of fastening a thread on a nail. I have also stacked the pots on one another, however, by ensuring the plants beneath are not trampled by the pot resting nearby.

Vertical Stacking of pots (dated 29/01/17)

 All of them would have succumbed to frost bites, chilling injury and then ultimate extinction if they were left to fight the battle with weather themselves.
However, it is lucky of them to be under the care & supervision of someone who is passionate about them. Every night, when the white encrustation of frost descends, ready to gnaw every succulent being with their jaw of chillness, they (my group of indoor plants) rather enjoy the warmth of the bukhari.

Today, it was their outing time. I had to literally carry them one by one for them to bask under the radiance of Sunday Sun & stretch a bit in the fresh breeze. I augmented their bowl with feed of leaf mold, waste coffee beans & a little bit of manure. I bet some of them; the ones with dust accumulation on their leaves, might have enjoyed the fresh water bath. I watered them copiously so that they remain contented for about a week.

Plants have become my everyday companion & gardening has become my experimental field; an oasis of never-ending learning. I am of the feeling that it will be so for the rest of my life. Tending to garden plants & watching them distend their stems, spread their leaves, open their buds, & the series of phonological event makes me grow too. The kind of relaxing & contending feeling it ushers us the moment we cast our glance is undeniable.

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