Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bound by Transiency

For death is unfathomable,
Let’s have no time to brood over the past,
Nor fret for future, but live the present.
For it’s certain to take its toll one day.

For it’s a mystery inevitable,
Let’s be prepared and welcome it.
Rather than lamenting,
“Alas! I haven’t lived a life yet."

For life is like a journey
To the exquisite garden of earth.
Let’s make this journey,
Though brief, a memorable one.

For we are bound by transiency,
Let’s not let our wrath
Take control of our senses,
For we have so brisk a moment for elation.

For we are bound by impermanence,
Let’s lead a life of a mediocre.
For however swanky and opulent we may be,
Nothing can accompany when the mystery befall us.

For nothing is eternal,
Let not the words of poison sting other’s heart.
For lest something bad fell from our lips,
The whole situation would be in peril.

For our act of atrocity is nothing but our foe,
Let’s keep avarice and vengeance at bay.
Let not our savage instincts break within us,
For we have so short a time for exuberance.


  1. Wow, a wonderful poem, Tashi. Whole of your personality can be seen in this short piece. Enjoyed reading every line of it. You really rock! keep writing! :)

  2. Kadrin chey...for your constant encouragement and sparing your precious time...