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Monday, October 1, 2012

Role of youth in International Peace and Harmony

It’s often said, “The youth of today are the future of tomorrow”. Indeed, the destiny of a nation or world as a whole is vested in the youth. Youth are the youngsters, if guided properly, can change the course of the world, lead it through the mysterious path and reach it to the enlightened world of Global Peace and Harmony.
They have the capability of extensive thinking, hard struggle, innovativeness and advancement. Moreover, they have an open mind, a mindset incredibly adaptable for changes- both good and bad.
In addition to that, they are the young energetic minds with great thirst for truth, knowledge, and ideas. Their grasping power is in par with the water absorbing capacity of cotton. They are enthusiastic, apprehensive, and curious and are always ready to learn or experience new things unlike the adults and the old ones.
To achieve the broad and complex concept of Global Peace and Harmony is not as easy and simple as swallowing a lump of food or a gulp of water. For peace, which may be described as complete absence of physical and structural violence and presence of human rights and justice, to prevail in the world, the first and foremost thing is to inculcate the sense of peace and harmony at individual level.  For instance, a building without proper foundation may be built only for it to be collapsed.
In fact, it is the mindset, the attitude, behavioral, moral and intellectual aspects of an individual that will have a direct impact on peace and harmony at society level. It is what we call as grass root level of organization required in bringing positive and the desired social changes that in turn will contribute to peace at national and ultimately at international level.
Also, the role of youth is now being recognized by the United Nations and other international agencies as critical in establishing long term stability, and producing effective results.
Nevertheless, the potentialities that the youth possess and the rights endowed upon them don’t acknowledge them to exercise their act of will or misuse their inner strength and freedom. For freedom comes with responsibility, so does the youth have a role to shoulder in international peace and harmony which may be enlisted as follows;
v  Building cultural respect and reconciliation.
v  Cultivation of inner peace within an individual.
v  Dismantling the culture of war and eradication of violence for it is nothing but an avoidable, malicious act of physical force which will inflict harm on others.
v  Living in harmony with our natural ecosystem.
v  Living in harmony with justice and compassion.
v  Promotion of human rights and responsibilities.
It is well understood that the youth have a diverse and a vital role. The mere statement of this is not well enough. The sole purpose and essence of it would be lost if we fail to allude as to how to implement the strategies to bring in positive social changes. It is equally important that we find means to inculcate the desired mindset, attitude and moral values in youth so as to set the goal directed behavior in them into the wheel of motion. The inclusion of following strategies may be suggested;

v  Developing an understanding and convention of oneness of humanity and expressing this belief through action.
v  Striving and working for a systematic eradication of all forms of prejudices and discrimination.
v  By commitment to education in totality or providing education for the wholesome development of an individual.
v  Emphasis and promotion of peace education programs as education can be regarded as a platform where peace can be built.
v  Conducting awareness campaigns on the essentiality of peace and the principles of great leaders like Gandhi.
v  Youth employment and empowerment without which the whole idea would be in vain.
v  Education through sports like the Olympic ideals and its dream of peace.
v  Emphasis on meditation and dialogues as they are must for inner peace and resolving problems non-violently.
v  Cultural exchange programs like the Asian Pacific Children’s Convention where I have taken part as Junior Ambassador along with Peace Ambassadors. It’s being held in Japan every year with its mission to strengthen global networks and a better understanding of different cultures.

The inclusion of youth in peace building brings vibrancy, values, skills and behaviors conducive for fostering global harmony and social justice. If given proper guidance, they are the juveniles with utmost potentiality to sow the seeds of hard work, good mannerism, attitude, mindset, values and skills to yield the fruit of success, social justice and global peace.

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