Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lover's Love

Lover’s love is the one,
That seals the door
 Of all other love in life.

The fulgurant  rage of all
Would it extinguish
With the blink of an eye.

She would carol away
With the sweetest melody,
To be in accord with her lover.

So omnipotent is his love,
That it can enlighten
Her world with unprecedented happiness.

From the first blush of dawn
Till the closing of the twilight,
There wasn’t a moment with him off her mind.

The very thought of her belongingness
Would let her sing at the pitch of her lungs,
And her spirit would fly high amid the fleecy clouds.

Yet nothing could shatter
The fervent hopes of her
Than the slightest whim in the course of his love.

The state of his ill-health or misfortune
Would have her plunged
Into the whirlpool of depression.

Even a tinge of his ill treatment
Would have her heart stung
By the poisonous of all snakes.

For love is as endless as the heavenly firmament,
As boundless as Buddha’s compassion,
As dimensionless as the mysterious island,
What can compensate a lover’s love?


  1. Yet another engaging poem, Tashi. A horticulturist writer and a poet there. Keep going. You write wonderful pieces. I can see a lot of things to learn from you. :)

  2. Thank you dasho Thrimpoen...u write wonderful too...