Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Plead

 The blazing flame,
I will have ignited,
Only to warm your cold feet,
Even at the cost of I getting scorched.
All I need is  your presence;
To have your fragrance gasped,
To have gazed into your eyes,
To have skimmed the lines framed in your brain.
To savor the reassurance,
From that ravishing face of yours.
To reel over the track of our unwavering love,
To gear towards the destiny led by a common path,
To tread our path woven with unbound love and faith,
To inscribe a memory in the transient moment we dwell.
But  fervently I beseech thee,
With my two hands clinched into one,
‘Never I be included in the list of obliteration from your life
Never and ever let go off me,
For all these can't happen without you,
Not without you in my life'.

Never Let Go Off Me...


  1. Seems emotionally distracted with ur affairs relationship!!!! anyway nicely sum up... enjoyed reading!!!