Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Song of Love

The offering of the song of my love,
Today will I have warbled out before you.
Spare me but a few minutes of yours,
Lend me but your attentive ears,
Listen to it but with utmost zeal.

The hidden treasure of my secret love,
The reflection of my heartfelt intuition,
The repercussion of my innate desire,
Is inevitably rolling off my tongue…

The treasure of my love I will have engraved,
On the pure white paper of your heart,
Before anything untamed stain it.
Let it be your heart’s adornment for a lifetime,
Let it be the supreme invigorator of your heart,
Let it be a part of every rhythm it beat,
And let it be your heart’s accomplice until it ceases to beat.


  1. For some reason some stanza made me shed tears! Beautiful Poem!

  2. Thank you readers for sparing your precious time and leaving beautiful comments.