Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Path Of Life

Predestined are we to be congregated underneath the azure blue sky,
To put forth but our uncertain steps in pursuit of our lives,
Unaware of the ultimate destiny that our path will lead to,
The miscellaneous paths will have us flung to assorted destiny;
The path trailed may be the mistaken path,
Or else the path worth but not taken.
One may never decide onto the former one,
While the later one will become the path that everyone craves for.
If only one knew what lay in store at the end of the path,
Would one’s consciousness and instincts instigate our move accordingly.
If only one could visualize the golden rays emanating at the end of the path,
Would one gallop with the spurt of enthusiasm crammed in their blood.
Or we would have halted our very next step,
Have we had envisioned the peril that awaits us.
But if in life, we risk nothing,
It holds firm that we will have nothing.
If our feet don’t stumble upon the prickly path,
We wouldn’t reach to reap the treasured gift of triumph.
We lay rather oblivious of our ultimate destiny,
Yet we stroll on the path of our life.

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