Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Stance of Being a Girl

At times, it becomes quite confusing for us to put forth our next step when every move of ours is escorted by the unflinching gaze. It’s not because that we are worth being eyed upon. Nor are we in possession of something extraordinary. But simply because of the lighter complexion, it becomes quite a simple task to direct their stare towards us from the crowd.

So often, we would overhear people muttering, ‘Chinese or Nepalese?’ Or some would simply opt to remark, ‘China or Nepal’. However, to a few elderly members of our neighbor, we made an effort to popularize Bhutan as the country from which are hailing. Only by then, they would add one more to the long lists of countries of the world which they are aware of.

But for many strangers, a simple nod of ours did answer their query. Or sometimes they would be better off with us turning a deaf ear to them. As simple as that, and nothing much of our explanation is required for them. For there are instincts in us that forbid us to go ahead; it’s better not to let the social stigma cling to us.

Why is it that a girl has to hurry towards her respective dwelling when the ushering dusk bids farewell to the radiant daylight? Why does she have to fear to face dusk alone? Why is it that her heart paces at an accelerated rate on her being alone? Why is it a strange thing to spot a girl walking all alone on the street? Is it a thing to be ridiculed so that she turns so easy a thing to be preyed upon?

A plethora of such thoughts creep the sutures of my brain, ringing a consistent nag for a truth to be unfurled. But only an obvious and a single answer to it do spring every time. Indeed, a fact to be comprehended, reminded and borne in every girl’s mind.

If a thing goes wrong, she would be crippled and cringed in the corners of her dwelling for the rest of her life. She would have to dwell in the seclusion of her depressed being, lamenting over her lost dignity and pride.
Now, why can’t a guy or man understand that the girl surpassing them is someone’s loving daughter, a sister to someone alike them, someone’s would-be wife and ultimately a going-to-be mother; nothing different than the one who nurtured them.

If only some instincts like this could dawn on the way in which men think and act; a girl would walk alone like one of them, feel free to traverse any path they seek and secure enough to work towards the progressive development of an individual, family and the society as a whole.


  1. Your pen and your voice is equally powerful!! Keep on writing.

  2. Well written & i enjoyed reading your article..great thoughts..keep writing.