Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Karmic String

When the remnants of karmic string had us bound together,
As firmly and neatly as a knot tied together,
Don’t let it get slackened off by any external agents,
Neither let it get entangled in the hands of evil.

Together, let’s be woven into webs of intricate design,
A design that none can possess but all aspires for.
Let’s be sewn into yarn unshakable.
Together, let’s be the entity that fill up the fabric.

Let’s be but together to adorn anyone or everyone,
Let’s be washed, squeezed, dried and hung together,
Let’s be the textile that bestows protection and warmth to many,
Let’s be worn until we are frayed together,
Let’s be used together until the ultimate result is fringes,
Let’s be together the stuff in the waste bins if that’s our ultimate destiny.

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