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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Nominee of the Liebster Blog Award

I was taken by surprise when my blog has been nominated for the Leibster Blog Award by Sangay Duba. I was totally oblivious of its existence until this very day. And it took me sometime to figure out what it actually is. I was able to glean the details on its motives and the rules and regulations on Google. And I finally took this step to tread the path of the Leibster Blog Award. I thank Sangay Duba for nominating and propelling me to take this exhilarating ride.

Q.1) Describe your blog in 3 words.
1)      Referential: It can be regarded as a reference, especially for horticultural students, where I post some topics related to the same.
2)      Reflective: A reflection of my thoughts, and a reflection on the proceedings of the worldly beings.
3)      Inspirational: It can be a source of inspiration, particularly with the non-fictional short stories which is triggered by the hardships that I have encountered in my Life’s Journey. I try to convey to the readers that the hardships we face in life are meant to equip us with the arms for greater success in life.

Q.2) Describe yourself in 3 words.
Determined:  I give 100% to every work that comes my way, no matter what kind of work it is. The positive aspect of this nature of mine is that I find myself enjoying what I am doing and every activity renders me with the triumph of happiness. I am determined enough not to let things go by easily. Once I have fixed my mind onto something, I cling to it with determination.
Good attitude: To have a good attitude towards life is one determining factor of one’s happiness and success ultimately. For me, I regard every person or incidence as a worthy one for each has a lesson to be taught in life.
Silent: I am not much of a talker. I like spending a few moments of silence everyday where I can reflect on my inner thoughts. I like being alone than mingling with others. But it doesn't mean that I don’t interact with others at all. I do but only when necessary, and on the issues which needs to be discussed.

Q.3) Who, what or where does your blogging inspiration come from?
The hardships I faced in life may I regard as the vital clog in the wheel of my blogging inspiration. In fact, it is the circumstances and the people around that propelled me to soar with the habit of blogging.

People say that I am funny; some say I am romantic after going through the posts in my blog. But the fact is situation makes me so. The circumstances and the fascinating people around me do layout the conditions congenial for the conception of the necessary ideas and theory in my brain. This subsequently drives me towards the spontaneous reproduction of the same after a period of sorting out the jumbled ideas.

Let me not forget to convey my gratitude to Mr. Langa Tenzin, a law student at the Nalsar University of Law for suggesting and inspiring me to start blogging. His posts was also a source of inspiration.
And my thank is due to my cousin sister, Singye Bidha (Singyer Kawaii Si-Chan) who maintains a blog on fashion and designing. Thank you for inspiring as well as helping me to create my blog.

Q.4) What kind of blogs do you read and follow?
I am not a choosy person and as such I don’t have any specifications over anything. Indeed, I plunge my leg into all kinds of bizarre circumstances in life for each one, be it good or bad, has a value to add to my life. And so is my stance with the blogging world. I read or at least exercise visual scanning over all kinds of posts, irrespective of the blogger or the content inside for each has a talent and peculiarity budded within, which of course is the showcase of their own master piece.

Q.5)  Create a new list of queries for the blogger to answer.
1) What is the motive behind your blogging? Or I would rephrase my question in this way, what do you actually intend to convey to the world through your blog posts?
2) What do you aspire yourself to be within the next five years?
3) In general, how do you view at your life? You may jot a few sentences on your attitude or perception about life.
4) Bhutan is regarded as the land of Gross National Happiness. How far does the philosophy comply with the real lives the Bhutanese people lead and what is your perception on this concept?
5) Can you usher the youngsters who would emerge as future bloggers with some inspirational lines?

Q.6) What time of day you write the best content for your blog?
To be frank, I don’t have any fixed routine in penning down my thoughts. I do as and when I feel like or an idea strikes my brain. However, as I ponder over and come to a realization, I declare morning hours as the best ones where I get an uninterrupted flow or what is called as the spontaneous generation of my ideas.

Q.7)  What is your favorite social media?
To be frank, I would regard this as the easiest question on the list. Beyond a tinge of doubt, I would ascribe Facebook as my favorite social media. It is a media where we can pour our emotions, love, confessions and the like. It is the channel that links every individual and a medium which allows easy access to all kind of information. An explanation beyond this is not needed as we are well aware and the lists may prolong in the form of beads innumerable.

My nominations for the prestigious Leibster Blog award are as follows;
1)      Sherab Tenzin’s blog. He is currently working at the Bhutan Telecom limited at Thimphu. He writes inspirational stories mostly based on his real life experiences.
2)      Sangay Cholden’s Random Thoughts by Sangay Duba, a final year Engineering student at the College of Science and Technology, Phuntsholing. The way in which he frames his sentences for stories and weaves poems is simply awesome.
3)      Langa Tenzin’s Blog adorned with multiplicity of talents; the expression of a writer, a poet, an artist, and a translator all blended in a single individual. He is pursuing law at Nalsar University of Law.
4)      My Open Diary, a blog by Sonam Phuntsho, who is working as a Teacher at the Ministry of education. The lines embedded in his diary are heart-thrilling.
5)      The Memoirs of Young Heart, pioneered by Jigme Tenzin, a B.Sc. Veterinary student at the College of Veterinary Science and A.H. His blog is a real depiction of the memoirs of a young heart ciphered beautifully in the form of poems and stories.
6)      Monu Tamang’s blog, The Abyss of Freedom, is one kind which showcases the passion as well as talent vested in writing.

I would kindly request my nominees to answer the aforesaid questions (Q.5).


  1. Thank you so much,Tashi. I deeply felt warm and honored to be nominated in your blog. I have such a feeling that only blogger can understand what it exactly meant to be nominated for this award. I would soon respond to your questions. Thank you so much once again.

  2. Indeed, it's my pleasure and an acknowledgement that you deserve as a passionate blogger.

  3. Thank you Tashi for nominating me back! Definitely I will answer your questions. It is pleasure reading your answers.

  4. Thank you Tashi for nominating for this award. I enjoyed reading your answers. Give me some time to get back on your questions. I will definitely have them answered. Once again thank you!

  5. Thank you Sangay and Sherab for the positive response.