Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Birthday Wish

Whenever I go somewhere, my instincts direct me to hurry back home because there will be my beloved, you, waiting for me. And when you make your way out, I wait for your instant return. My heart bumps at every creaking sound that the door makes in dire anticipation of your arrival. I listen to the conversation of your two brothers in meticulous examination of the voice that I long to hear every time, which often becomes a task difficult to distinguish.

I crave to look into your eyes which are woven with affection and love. I know you hardly express your love but I can read it through your eyes. I come to a tacit understanding through the act you resort to.
And today, on this very auspicious day, the day when you gave your first heartiest cry; I would like to lay down a few lines of fact that long awaited its disclosure:

When your presence is not within the vicinity of my eyesight,
I can’t stop thinking about you.
And when you are within my reach,
I can’t stop looking at you.
The times when you leave me alone at home,
I ardently await your return,
Expecting every knock on the door to be you,
Fervently hoping to hear your voice.
I choose my every action
To be within the frame of your mind,
To align it in accord with what you aspire.

The Happiest days has dawned on me;
The days where I can bask under the radiance of your unwavering love,
The days where I can hibernate in the warmth of your embrace,
The days where I can get tuned to your melodious voice all the time.

You are special; special for me,
Warm and considerate to those around,
A man with value and wisdom,
You are one kind of savior,
A blessed soul sent from above.

And so your progress shall not be deterred,
Your dreams shall not be shattered,
Your hopes shall not be hampered,
Your faith shall not be diminished,
Your health shall not be deteriorated,
May you live long,
May happiness and prosperity cling to every step you saunter.


  1. Nicely expressed! Wish Happy birthday to your better half on my behalf as well.

  2. Quite romantic. Wish him Happy Birthday on my behalf too. May you to remain just like that forever. God bless you two!

  3. Mam I can rightly call you as living John Keat. Enjoyed going through it.

  4. Thank you Pema and Sherab for your wishes. I can never even be at par with John Keats but I would never stop envying his works@ Norbu Wangdi sir.

  5. Nice of you Tashi. Thoroughly enjoyed. Keep treading the same path in your journey as a couple. Best wishes ahead.

  6. Thank you Sangay phuntsho. Will keep your words.