Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Credo of Life

I was brought abruptly from the world of fantasy when I sensed a throbbing pain on my toe. My senses had my fingers directed instantly to the spot from where the pain was actually radiating. A sticky fluid greeted my fingers instantly. My inner instincts commanded to switch on the light. And I was awestruck by the copious oozing of blood from my toe.

The fact that I was sleeping on the bunk bed was one thing that made me wonder as to how a creature as cruel as a rat could have made an access. Another thing that left me speculating was that I was well encased in the mosquito net. Yet the creature made its ascend and had its incisor plunged into my flesh.

Other than the fear evolved in me on the number of diseases that it vectors, which might have gained entry into my system through its saliva, I don’t hold any grudge against it. The fact on its evolutionary behavior where its incisors grow 1 millimeter a day and so they are on a constant mission to nibble onto something hard to avoid that kept my adrenalin level from amplifying.

The creature actually helped me to get out of my cozy bed. It was 4 am; I refreshed myself, prayed for a while and started flipping a page. I then happened to activate my mobile internet in an attempt to glean for some further details on the protocols for tissue culture in potato.

The voice message from my aunt which popped in We chat regarding the status of my grandfather’s health had me frozen for a while. Nothing was of much help, shedding tears was inevitable. The incessant drops dripped its way down my cheek until my eyelids assumed an exceedingly bulged stature and my eyeballs a reddish hue. I cling firm onto the fact that no one can eschew our final destination and it is sure to take its toll a day. But the fact that I couldn't repay my gratitude and reverence to the man who had done so much for me, a man who was more than a father to me had my emotional well being disoriented.

On my way to college, I got a glimpse of the grade points of my previous semester being displayed on the notice board and the numerical that came into my glance was simply unbelievable. I have undergone a course for six semesters and never had I scored well below seventy. And after all hours of hard work, sincerity and hard toil, it was simply heart breaking to have rewarded one with a mark clinging in sixties. My attempt to have my paper rechecked or clarified once again has been arrested abruptly, for the course in-charge has been transferred and was no more a faculty who would have a say over this.

I was so disheartened that I refrained myself from attending the afternoon classes. Frustration, melancholy and despair struck me. Shedding tears did but a minuscule help in alleviating my agony. I tried sticking my eyelids together in an attempt to induce sleep but in a no win situation. I thought a way out of the mental turmoil was going to be extremely difficult. I needed a break to reorient myself, to identify the root cause of the agony burning within.

Yet an inner instinct reminded me that I am strong and should not let so small a thing as this to take a toll on my happiness. In life, unexpected things may hammer you down. But the degree with which you spring back to shape and assume a state of normalcy is what determines your personality. If we are to be deterred by so petite an issue, there is no way in which we can face the greater challenges of life. The more you get hammered, the greater is the tendency with which you acquaint yourself with the adversities of life. And so is your ability to dispense a solution to the same.


  1. came across this for the first time and i already like ur style of write up. keep blogging.

  2. Thank you for your inspirational words

  3. Wow,...another splendid post, are one of a inspiring writer among writers,.... I liked this words,.....(In life, unexpected things may hammer you down. But the degree with which you spring back to shape and assume a state of normalcy is what determines your personality.)

  4. Thank you Kezang Dawa sir for always managing your time to make it to every new post i update and of course for highlighting your favorite lines every time.