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Monday, January 19, 2015

Unfoldment of the Secret

It was the 5th of December, the day the BCSE results were out. I was busy in the kitchen when my friend called me and remarked, “You scored an aggregate of 75.07%”.

 “Then you?” I instantly threw the query.

“Well, I scored 71.34%”, came the rather low-spirited response.

I could still vividly remember my feelings; the kind of exhilarated world that I was plunged into. A sudden impulse of happiness and triumph flashed through my spines. My face assumed a reddish tinge; a hue triggered by the accelerated flow of blood to my face. But it triggered my tear glands to know that my other colleagues being obliterated from the path that I will be treading despite a fairly good performance.

No sooner people from BBS said they were on their way to my place of dwelling. My mobile phone assumed the peak of its activity, indeed for the first time in my life- pounding in messages and calls from many-known as well as unknown. I shared my views and feelings to BBS, Kuensel and I aired on BBS radio the following night.

It is to be borne in the mind of every individual that success doesn’t come by default. It is a result of deliberate search and well-defined action. If you say success is luck, then I shall reiterate that luck is when preparation meets an opportunity. It is a blemish-free fruit borne by the tree well nurtured or nourished. It is not by chance but by choice. 

However, I regard my success in BCSE 2014 as only a platform; a foundation upon which I can base my career. My real work begins from now and not what I have achieved thus far. I am just done with the preparation of a nursery bed and sowing my viable seed. I have a task as big as that of ensuring all my seeds germinate and peep through the soil, nourish and water it well, protect it from any biotic and abiotic stresses; provide the most congenial conditions for the manifestation of its optimum potentiality; and cater to its need through all the stages of its life.

So in line with the course of action that I have followed, I would like to lay down the following lines;

Read the book, “The Secret of Life” by Rhonda Byrne. It is available as eBook or in pdf version. Suck the nectar that is in store in each page of the book and relish yourself with the very essence of it. To quote a few lines inscribed in this book, “The secret is the law of attraction! Everything that is coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it is attracted to you by virtue of the images you’re holding in your mind. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you”.

After all, everything can be summed up and encapsulated in this single line, ‘Thoughts become things’.
It is what we envision daily in our mind that comes into reality. In fact, the title of the RCSC Topper 2014 have I had envisioned daily for almost a year until it came out into concrete reality. It was a latent energy embedded in my subconscious mind that finally manifested to the world outside. It wasn’t by chance or by accident. 

Another thrilling book that would propel you higher in your life is the ‘Master Key System by Charles Haennel’. Read these two books and align yourself with its contents, and take pleasure in reaping the benefits.

I would also recommend the book, ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis if you want to build up your English Vocabulary in an exciting way. It will also boost up your level of comprehension of each term you lope across. Simply knowing the meaning of a word isn’t enough because it is equally subjected to deletion from the RAM of your brain. So the known word(s) shall be reinforced by integrating and reproducing in your own sentences.

Record your voice on important issues. For instance, I recorded my own voice on the articles of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan and listened to it until I had it encrypted well down my memory lane. I did the same on so many topics like the MDGs, GHN Pillars, Domains and Indicators and the like. Doing so, you can also notice and reflect on the flaws in your pronunciation or speaking skills.

Watch in YouTube on the topics which are difficult to understand from text and grasp the content presented in the most palatable form in the videos. The Polymerase Chain Reaction, which stipulated quite a hard effort from text, provided a different dimension and an easy methodology in YouTube.

Meditate as frequently as possible- cleansing and refreshing your mind; instilling in your subconscious mind the firm desire or objective to be achieved. Reaffirm in your subconscious mind the goal so that it manifests in reality to the world outside.

Never deceive or be on the pretext to mislead your friends. Often people have the tendency of telling, “I haven’t started to study yet/ why to struggle so much? / I don’t know or don’t have any information regarding this”. You are not going to benefit from this in any way. On the contrary, it is going to kill your moral and inner happiness because the guilt associated with it will do more harm to your intellectual well being than good. Rather, always encourage others to delve deeper and work harder.

It is always better to make your own notes; framing notes in a way that will suit your learning ability and habit. It will also do wonder in saving your time in revising. Arrange notes in a chronological order so that you have it staked in correct order in your brain for easy and faster retrieval when required. So make this habit of note making cling to your learning process like a shadow.

Take tutorial classes only if you feel the need to. Otherwise, it is not necessary especially youth outside Thimphu and the financially constrained ones. Don’t worry if you can’t afford to because I took neither of the PE and main examination tutorial classes. However, I am not ruling out the importance of taking one. Taking it and shedding your own sweat would be an extra boost to your performance.

Nothing to be worried even if you are really weak, need tutorial assistance but don’t have anyone at Thimphu to base your stay. I know many of the graduates struggle to find an accommodation in the capital and they are deprived of some of the educational facilities that city-dwellers enjoy.

If you find it extremely difficult to manage yourself with your distant relatives or village people, leap a step forward to visit the Department of Youth and Sports who will cater to your study needs and provide free accommodation in their hostels. You will also enjoy library facilities offering you reference books and past question papers. In this way, you will be able to perfectly orient yourself towards intensive studies and accordingly the desired result because you will get what you have planted.

The secret ingredient of my triumphant tale have I promulgated here. I shall not let it get desiccated and perish inside myself. Rather, I would gift it onto the coming generations if it is of any sense or significance to them. I shall be enlivened even if a single individual benefits from my course of action. However, it is not to be generalized for every individual will have their own technique or methodology of defining or targeting for success. I only intend to motivate others to define their own course of action for determining their success.


  1. Mam Tashi Delek once again and thanks for revealing your secrecy.

  2. Well, congratulations, Tashi, once again! It was a massive achievement. You deserved it. I knew you to be a hard working person, always down to earth and respectful to others - some traits, I believe, that comprise of a good individual.
    You not only achieved your mission in topping the exam, but also made good of whatever insights you have by sharing on a platform like this. It will help students like us who need inspiration when our time comes. Thank you for sharing some primary clues about how you prepared for the BCSE. As you have shown, your potential will only grow and you will become more capable as you take up your job. I have no doubts about that. Having said that, I would like to wish you a very successful employed life. May you succeed and inspire others at the same time like you just did here, now. Do well. :)

  3. Thank you so much Norbu Wangdi and Langa for augmenting the beauty of my blog and the acknowledgement.

  4. So much of inspiration Tashi. Thank you so much for sharing it. I am so glad i could have eye on eye talk with you and have those words of knowledge thoughts with you being right beside me. Once again thank you and i pray your seeds germinate as peacefully as it has been till now and bear the fruits of success that you wish for. And please keep inspiring others.

  5. Congratulation n thanks for sharing such motivational steps.

  6. Trashi Delek~ It is just the beginning. Hope same will continue beyond today and tomorrows~

  7. Congratulations once again and welcome to the civil service. Happy Chunipa Losar ☺

  8. The reason why I opted to share my insight on this is many young people are confused and lost at a critical juncture of their life. They are tethered in this way from manifesting their innate potential despite them possessing it. I intend to direct them in a way so they can be able to showcase their innate potency if it works for them the way it worked for me.

  9. Thank you Acho Sangay Thinley. I wish you a happy and memorable losar too.

  10. Congratulations! You indeed put in a lot of hard work into your success! You deserve it! Keep it up and contribute your knowledge and strength to those who need it! :)

  11. Hi Tashi, I have nominated you for the very inspiring blog award. Please visit my blog for more details.

  12. Thank you so much Sherub for including me in the lists of Very Inspiring Blog Award. I enjoyed going through your blog and I am glad that I know something about you though we haven't met. This is the beauty of penning down our thoughts...

  13. Well, sherub has me as her partner for being you as our inspiring blogger....
    So I too have you as the nominee for the blogger award....please do visit my blog as well!..

  14. Thank you Kinley but give me some time to respond to you.