Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Friday, February 13, 2015

A Note to my Love on Valentine Day

 The very first time I heard
Your voice,
There was an aura of gentleness webbed in
Your intonation.
My heart irresistibly melted into continuum
Of tide,
Before I even had the slightest glimpse
Of you,
A part of my daily activities became fastened with your
Gentle tone,
And I caroled with the thrilling rhythm of
Your tones.
The very first time I set eyes on
Your image,
I was inevitably and instinctively glued
To it,
Your picture kept on flickering its
Glamorous glow,
Into the precinct of my conscious core.
The very first day we convened under the
Azure sky,
My inner strength nudged me towards
Our destination.

Days melted into months,
Months clicked into graceful years,
Yet the fragrance of my devotion,
Hasn't drifted an inch from you.

Dear, dip yourself in the pool of
My love,
Gasp the fragrance emanated by the blemish-free bloom of
My lotus,
Knit yourself in the orderly strings of my
Unbound commitment,
Soar yourself into the heavenly firmament of my
Undying love,
And unlock the shower of eternal bliss that
We embrace.


  1. Intricately woven your beautiful message~ Happy life ahead~

  2. A lovely message to your dearest. Enjoyed reading it.

  3. Hi Tashi, u have got such a lovely and heart-touching lines for your better-half... I appreciate your feelings for him. I wish u both a very prosperous and peaceful life ahead. I hope u had a very good Valentine's Day...

  4. Thank you so much Amrith sir and Norbu Wangdi for diving into my blog and leaving beautiful comments...