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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Voyage One Must Ensue - Drolung Goenpa.

It was a walk through the woods; woods of various girths and canopies. A walk with my family; a family of 7 ladies was worth embarking on. The open spaces were clad with mosses all over except for the path leading to the monastery. Ivies were sprawling over the mosses and then twining around the lean branches.

With no other sounds than the clanging of the branches effected by the gentle gust; rattling of the leaves; chirping of the far-away birds swinging to & fro a lanky twig; & the gentle thud of our footsteps, we caroled against gravity with a gentle hymn pleasing to our ears.

 I moved intently forwardly, my gaze leaping from one wonder to the other. The Ganoderma fungi were statured firm against dead logs. This sent me reeling to the past where the fungus was stationed above my door with a welcome note.

Ferns dangled here & there amid porous leaf molds. I could clearly sense the cordial habitat the forest soil has provided. Rhododendron buds stood ever ready to unfold its compact latent energy reserves from within. The others which took advantage of time waved with precocious scarlet hue. Lichens encased the giant trees in dire parasitic association.

As we moved further up, a slightly different scenic beauty greeted our eyes. The lone violet Plumerias loomed forth through a whorl of powdery tinged lush leaves. Nonetheless, some congregated at a common point to exhibit its exquisiteness.

The open space carpeted with lush grasses just below the monastery provided ample liberty for us to get refreshed. We gasped in the unsullied mountain air.

Down descended the dogs sensing strangers encroaching their zone of dwelling. Their wavering tails and incessant woofing came to an abrupt halt when yummy biscuits from Thimphu watered their mouth. With an air of friendliness & submissiveness, they followed us; sniffing & wavering their tails in gratitude.

We finally made an entry into the primary abode of the 69th Jekhenpo, Je Gedhuen Rinchen; the Visionary founder of the Drolung Sanga Choling Goenpa. It is popularly known as the Drolu Goenpa.

Ascending higher up took us to the retreat centres of many leading ascetic lives. Prostrating from 1 am until night left their palms with painful blisters. Restricting to a single meal per day has made them appear lean. However, they are blessed with the serenity of the mind.

That is the credit of embarking on a journey through the woods. Nature has in store wonders that will send us reeling over the path of exhilaration. It has the power to heal our mental bruises. It will speak so many things but only if we intend to be vigilant enough to hear what it says.

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  1. This is one of your more interesting Blogs, Tashi. I'll print it out and give a copy of it to my Tibetan Friend, Tamdin, who has a Jewelry Shop, down the street.