Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Glimpses of the Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition

Floral topiaries of pigs showed its exquisiteness in its pinkish hues. The nylon yarn that many of us knit into sweaters and caps has found a reverse role as garments to clad sheep. Nasturtiums swung forth and back with its flimsy blooms in the gentle puff of air. The semicircular ponds were enlivened with constant leaping of fishes.
 The cages were embellished with birds chirping their blissful tunes. Floral stalks and roots embedded in mosses sprawled atop hills. A myriad of hues from white to creamy white, scarlet to reddish, yellow to pale yellow, pink to crimson, violet to azure blue, and tricolor pansies danced to the gentle tune of the breeze.
Powdery Purplish Plumerias were crested amid lush erect leaves while pink Azalias dangled liberally from its twigs. Crumpled ornamental cabbages assumed maroon and creamy white tinges. Chairs curved out of wooden logs assured with spongy mosses were juxtaposed with semi-circular tables of halved logs. The plump and succulent jell of Aloe vera were on the verge of slitting open its fleshy shoots.
Blooms lynching from the hanging baskets exhibited its pendulum swing. Roses in full slip stage rested in basket bouquets. Peculiar florets of orchids loomed forth from its lanky elongated leaves. Its modification into butterfly and moth-like structures sent many into awe-inspiring state. The sallow Daffodils congregated themselves nearby a lucid pond.

The Pennisetum grasses waved its bushy tails rigorously with an aura of superiority; while Ivies rumbled hard over the ground to fight the inferiority complex. The yellow Calcifloria petals arranged themselves into the shape of a Lady’s purse. Petunias in its varied shades drooped its showy blooms in an attempt to be more proactive against the blazing radiance.

The Mammalaria species of cacti stood in dire seclusion. One among the group hoisted yellowish blooms on the top, earning its name the Bishop’s cap. Another group, well known as Old man’s tooth appeared rather unappealing with grayish white hairy growth all over its oblong surface, while others manifested their spiny protrusions as a protective as well as an adaptive mechanism.

Miniature roses grouped into a hamlet of their own. An admixture of Gerberas and Dandelions found their dwelling high up the man-made wall, peeping intently through the bottle gourd apertures. The pine corn-adorned walls made a perfect place for the passers-by to experience an air of resting nest. Between, the various models depicting Bhutanese architecture didn't fail to steal a glance of every passer-by.


  1. Thank for sharing the information far and wide...keep up with same spirit...

  2. Indeed, my main motive of sharing the post online is to let others who could not make it to the Exhibition at least have a passive glance over my pictorial representation.