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Sunday, November 22, 2015

CBBs Second Conference-A Poetic Flashback

I was knocked into my conscious realm of existence,
As I lay awake in my cozy blanket,
The warmth embedded within inviting me for a longer stay,
While the darkness outside still caught hold of nature from stirring,
The first thing that thumped my enthusiastic brain,
Was my feeling of being propelled into the exhilarated state of being,
Upon embracing the fact that,
My name was queued in the list of CBBs 2nd conference.

The thrill in me jerked me out for a morning’s walk,
The chilly puff of air rendered my ears & nose to numbness,
But the warmth of the impetus from within steered my move,
Up until I sighted the Mr. Sun peeping from a hillock.
Conveying me a tacit note on the ticking time I will have to be conscious about.
Down did I gallop in attune with the tender radiance descending.

I unleashed the orange fabric taking into enclosure the religious folio,
And mumbled the scripts in veneration to the White Tara,
For misfortunes & obstacles to be dispelled from the path I & all tread,
For her unflinching guidance & accomplice on my voyage to the right path,
And I sauntered off on the road of my destiny for the day.

My fervent wait for the arrival of a cab came to a halt,
When a beautiful lady, fitting perfectly into the seat of her exquisite car,
Momentarily halted with an alluring eye of invitation.
An astounding coincidence; we were headed to the same destiny.
Her gentle tone knit with an aura of honesty,
Has set me at ease & soon we were conversing like an old friend.

All that warbled off our lips were about books, books & books!
The only diversity in the lane was Monu’s upcoming novel,
Topics ranging from the tale of authors,
To the adversity & adventure the characters had to reel through,
Became the hit episodes in the movie of our conversation.

The conference hall of Paro college of education,
Was plugged in with seventy beady pairs of enthusiastic eyes,
Who listened with a note of empathy & undying zest,
While the tone of our speakers echoed in resonance,
In presenting to quench the thirst of skepticism & ignorance of all.

Our team hovered out like swarms of bees after the session,
And nested themselves upon the sequential steps,
In posing the most  charismatic smile their face can ever stretch into,
While the camera made its attempt to imprison every face into its RAM,
To unlock only upon user command.

In duos, trios & every set of combination were we fitted,
In cars of varied sizes to hues on our ride along,
To the remnants of the historic Drugyel Dzong.
Apart from our conversation augmented with varied flavors & additives,
My toe tapped & head swung in attuning to the rhythmic beats of the music.

Then came the role of our moderator, Passu sir,
Dressed immaculately in a jet black gho,
With his tone woven with an aura of humour,
Would unfold the tales to his earnest listeners.
Drenching us literally with the tale of the 16th century.

Despite many swinging in through the entrance,
The CBB team colonized the courtyard,
While our shrill laughter jumbled with a few muffled giggles,
Crowd-pulled many a gaze in awe admiration,
No wonder ma'am Karma's laughter still echoes,
And radiates a ray of blissfulness that we together embraced,
Many eyes displayed a tacit aching to be one sitting in our orbital group.

Sooner, our moment of blissful discussion,
Was enveloped by the inevitable dusk,
Yet, determined were we to outwit the natural phenomenon,
We had the courtyard lit  to an iridescent hue,
With the flashlight of our cell phones,
Laid over the parched golden grassy ground,
In front of the individual owner.

The translucent plastic cups were assigned an absolutely new role,
They were no longer brimmed with drinks,
Inverted did they lay over the dazzling light source,
They did fabulous in augmenting the brightness,
And sent some rays galloping to sparkle at our eyes.
I bet that was the most impressive moment for many,
As it was to my definition of the grandeur rating of the moment.

The CBB team- Photo session after the conference

CBB members before departure to Paro

At the courtyard of the remnants of Drugyel Dzong

The CBB members with the dawn of their own creation...


  1. Beautifully written... it's been quite some time since I read a story in poetry...
    Thank you for bring back the memories of that day.

  2. Well recorded! Thank you for capturing the moments!

  3. Indeed, we all owe our heartfelt thanks to Ngawang sir for the great initiative taken in organizing such conference, where we could come together in our zest to enhance our knowledge in blogging and or in writing.