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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Dynamic Fourth-A day for Retrospection & Gratuity

The Dynamic Fourth; My Idol in Reverence...
To the Great Fourth,
The zenith of whose greatness is immeasurable.
To the Mighty leader,
Whose might & capability is incalculable.
To the Farsighted & Visionary leader,
Whose visionary insight is beyond a fortune teller.
To the Great King of all times,
Whose developmental philosophy is pillared on Happiness.
To the Compassionate & Benevolent leader,
The depth of which is a boundless ocean.
To the Great Buddha in existence,
Whose radiance of love is an expanse of a seamless sky.
To the Brave & Courageous Leader,
Whose selfless bravado outwits the armed military might from outside.
To the Flawless Idol in reverence,
Whose elegance & youthfulness flushes in for eternity;

The family of MoAF in inclusive unison,
Offers to the noble Fourth,
A droplet act-of-gratuity,
To the ocean of your greatness.
May this drop amid millions,
Be a part of your everyday
Voyage towards perfection.

The 20,000 lush asparagus plantlets;
5000 bushy Sweet Charlie strawberry plants;
Stationed at the Horticultural Development Site,
At the Nyinzerkha Royal project bound by serenity ;
The sloppy terrain groomed into strands of terraces,
To accommodate various fruit plants;
Is  a gift offered to the Great King.

Planting of the strawberry plants at Nyinzerkha Royal Project.

The rooting of the Asparagus plantlets,
And tree seedlings of various species & heights,
At the hilly terrain of Samarzingkha,
Are in commemoration of the 60th Birth anniversary of our King.

The planting of the exquisite ornamental plants,
Stretching over a length of 6.2km,
Adorning the Babesa Expressway,
With a total plant count of 30,000 ,
Is also an evident gesture of our gratuity.
Planting of Ornamental plants along the Babesa Expressway.

The plantation of near fifty thousand trees,
In the vicinity of the Buddha Dordenma Statue,
Which led to the inscription of the Kingdom's name,
In the Guinness Book of World Record,
Delineates & marks the 60th birth anniversary of our Great King.

The 27km multi-purpose trail encircling the Thimphu city,
Scrapped, drilled, dug & leveled from its initial
Rugged, tree-crammed, root-knit terrain,
Is a gift offered to the great King
To pursue his bicycling enthusiasm.
The Preparation of the Biking Trail
 Fruits from the RNR centre,
Crammed into crates & boxes
At the National Post Harvest Centre,
Are meant for public distribution,
On the grand occasion of the 60th birth anniversary.

The things inscribed upon,
May sound so trivial a thing to be counted on,
It, however, is a simple manifestation,
Of the spontaneous explosion
Of our gratitude to the inimitable King.

The striking yellow & orange Marigolds;
An admixture hues of Chrysathemum embellishing the dividers;
An alternate array of the 2 types of Marigold,
With their peripheral enclosure of lush-leaved Asters,
 Whose yet to unfurl blooms adorning the circular Round-abouts,
Symbolizes our enlivened call for the magnificent celebration.
Striking Marigolds embellishing the Dividers
The exquisiteness of the roundabouts in display

The snow-white stupa
Footed at the gate of the Lingkana Palace,
Represents the purity of our loyalty to the Tsa-wa-sum,
The sanctity of relics be augmented,
Through our minuscule gesture of reverence,
Of embroidering the stupa,
 With fine cladding of flowers,
The fountain of wild blush ivies,
 Swapped with its lush green clones,
Descending swiftly atop the tapering stupa,
Be a symbol of boundless love
That the Great shower upon us.

The white Stupa in its floral claddings
The strands of Yellow & Orange Marigolds beneath,
Interspersed by the sallow & scarlet red Begonias,
Symbolize the dual colour of our national flag,
And the policy makers,
Who works to uphold the nation's interest.

The stout Azaleas at the very base,
Titivated with red to pink blooms,
And the dull olive-foliaged Asters,
Of the defensive peripheral hedge,
Be a representative of the armed forces,
Shielding the vulnerable inhabitants
From internal conflict & external forces.

The inter-spatial floral adornments
Of creamy whitish Petunias,
And fluffy succulent Begonias
In their faint crimson & cherry pink shades,
Represent the citizens
In prosperous sphere of existence,
With their unfaltering service
To the nation in manifestation.
A myriad of hues in adoring the Chhorten

The array of varied hues
Of Chrysanthemum in circular disc,
From a tint of white in the heightened centre,
To the receding tinge of pink, orange, faint to rich yellow,
And the final enclosure of whites,
Is a simple representation
Of the countries overseas,
In a close-knit linkage.
The array of chrysanthemum in its circular disc fashion.

The semi-circular arrangement of Azaleas, Chrysanthemums & Begonias.
The alternation of Yellow & Orange Marigolds.
All these harmonious co-existence within,
And outstanding diplomatic linkages outside,
Where the Great knitted out a myriad of diplomatic links, 
Upon which our nation saunters among other giant
Independent steps despite the miniature it is;
And I salute the brevity and wit with which you handled the miniature.

The impossible have had been possible,
With a relic as sacrosanct as the Dynamic Fourth,
For which we, the citizens, bow at your feet,
With the deepest sense of gratitude,
And a simple manifestation of our gratuity,
In wishing the dynamic leader,
A long life interlaced with happiness, good health & prosperity.


  1. Going by your wonderful article and beautiful photos...... I will be missing to celebrate this special occasion in my country....... thanks for your wonder post so i can celebrate with it.

  2. You can regard this as our common tribute to the Great Fourth @ Tashi Dawa.