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Monday, July 25, 2016

Tips to Gear towards PE & BCSE

My dear young friends appearing for PE and BCSE this year, I know you all are ferrying on a worrisome journey in your attempt to pave your way towards a brighter future as I had my share to get myself filtered through the same net. One of the Toppers has come up with his set of tips as I did and I would appreciate if others could at least inscribe a few words as every  individual of us would have our own set of experiences and practices in gearing towards success. With the hope that some generic tips I unfold here might ease you from the net of tension, I opted to inscribe it herewith;

1) There are guide books that will exclusively guide you to prepare for the BCSE. One such book is "A Guide to Success in the Bhutan Civil Service Examinations", by Tshewang Dorji (BCSE Topper 2010) and Ugyen Dorji (BCSE Topper 2011).

2) Another latest book that will ignite a spark for your success in PE is the book, ''The Perfect Guide to Preliminary Examinations'', written by Tandin Dorji & Rohit Upret; published by Ngawang Tobgay. The book will hit the bookstores in a couple of days.

3) Read through and get yourself acquainted with the tips laid out in Phurpa Tshering's blog (My Chronicle) titled, "How did I Prepare for BCSE?''. Phurpa is the General Category BCSE Topper in 2017.

4)     A simple and petty point that you will need to etch in your memory shelf that might not have even occurred to you would make a difference; is to print out several copies of the OMR sample sheet and then practice shading it. However, the soft copy of the OMR sheet seems to have been removed from the RCSC website, which was previously available. Nevertheless, you will be clear on the procedures to use the OMR by referring to the OMR Sheet Tutorial Video. To get yourself fully acquainted with shading; sit in a quiet place with the question paper laid and the OMR sheet clutched, set a time and race yourself against time in shading the circles swiftly but neatly within the set time frame.

5)     Bear in your mind to practice shading the circles fairly dark enough; ensuring your shading doesn't encroach the area outside the boundary. Neither leave it half filled for the OMR reader might not recognize your answer if you commit to any of the aforementioned flaws.

6)     Keep on practicing this time and again until you are confident enough. This will also ensure that you don't panic and lay taken aback and deprived of clue as to how to proceed in the exam hall. I have heard of incidences where some spent their time rubbing and rectifying the circles rather than moving onto the next question which is why they ran out of time.

7) Acquaint yourself with the past question papers, BCSE Past Question Papers.

8)     Read the book, “The Secret of Life” by Rhonda Byrne. It is available as eBook or in pdf version. Suck the nectar that is in store in each page of the book and relish yourself with the very essence of it.To quote a few lines inscribed in this book, “The secret is the law of attraction! Everything that is coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it is attracted to you by virtue of the images you’re holding in your mind. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you”.

9)     After all, everything can be summed up and encapsulated in this single line, ‘Thoughts become things’. So with your efforts as back up, envision regularly that you have already achieved what you aspire to achieve.

10)     Another thrilling book that would propel you higher in your life is the ‘Master Key System by Charles Haennel’. Read these two books and align yourself with its contents, and take pleasure in reaping the benefits.

11)    If you are striving towards improving your vocabulary, I would recommend the book, ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis. It will also boost up your level of comprehension of each term you lope across. Simply knowing the meaning of a word isn’t enough because it is equally subjected to deletion from the RAM of your brain. So the known word(s) shall be reinforced by integrating and reproducing in your own sentences.

12)   Record your voice on important issues. For instance, I recorded my own voice on the articles of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan and listened to it until I had it encrypted well down my memory lane. I did the same on so many topics like the MDGs, GHN Pillars, Domains and Indicators and the like. Doing so, you can also notice and reflect on the flaws in your pronunciation or speaking skills. It can also be a different approach in learning instead of running your eyes over scripts again and again and straining it.

13)  Watch in YouTube on the topics which are difficult to understand from text and grasp the content presented in the most palatable form in the videos. For instance, the Polymerase Chain Reaction, which stipulated quite a hard effort from text, provided a different dimension and an easy methodology in YouTube.

14) Meditate as frequently as possible- cleansing and refreshing your mind; instilling in your subconscious mind the firm desire or objective to be achieved. Reaffirm in your subconscious mind the goal so that it manifests in reality to the world outside.

15) Never deceive or be on the pretext to mislead your friends. Often people have the tendency of telling, “I haven’t started to study yet/ why to struggle so much? / I don’t know or don’t have any information regarding this”. You are not going to benefit from this in any way. On the contrary, it is going to kill your moral and inner happiness because the guilt associated with it will do more harm to your intellectual well being than good. Rather, always encourage others to delve deeper and work harder. And find time to discuss and share on important topics with your friends.

16) It is always better to make your own notes; framing notes in a way that will suit your learning ability and habit. It will also do wonder in saving your time in revising. Arrange notes in a chronological order so that you have it staked in correct order in your brain for easy and faster retrieval when required. So make this habit of note making cling to your learning process like a shadow.

17) Take tutorial classes only if you feel the need to. Otherwise, it is not necessary especially youth outside Thimphu and the financially constrained ones. Don’t worry if you can’t afford to because I took neither of the PE and main examination tutorial classes. However, I am not ruling out the importance of taking one. Taking it and shedding your own sweat would be an extra boost to your performance.

18)  Nothing to be worried even if you are really weak, need tutorial assistance but don’t have anyone at Thimphu to base your stay. I know many of the graduates struggle to find an accommodation in the capital and they are deprived of some of the educational facilities that city-dwellers enjoy.

19)  If you find it extremely difficult to manage yourself with your distant relatives or village people, leap a step forward to visit the Department of Youth and Sports who will cater to your study needs and provide free accommodation in their hostels. You will also enjoy library facilities at the Harmony Youth Center (HYC), offering you reference books and compilation of past question papers. I spent most of my time at the HYC Library for it provided so congenial a place for me to study. So be a regular guest there if you are deprived of right environment at home and are situated in its vicinity.

20) In case you are having problem locating the HYC Library, please give a ring to this number 328098 for further directions. I hope the number hasn't changed for this was given by Amrith sir. It is located just below the YDF campus and above the Swimming Pool.

21)  The center also has Internet cafe, which offers youth and or students to use its internet facility at a comparatively cheaper rate. In addition, it offers photocopying facilities at a reasonable rate.

22) However, the Library doesn't lend you its guide books and past question papers as it has very limited copies. I took snap shots in my mobile and then practiced the questions according to my convenience. You can grab some guide books from book stores like DSB, Junction book store, etc. In this way, you will be able to perfectly orient yourself towards intensive studies and accordingly the desired result because you will reap what you have planted.
The statements stated herein aren't reflective of my association with the organisation (HYC) or any other. It is solely based on my past experiences, which I assumed would shed some light on others who are taking the same path. 

23) Many seems to be taking the Viva exam for granted. Indeed, it is one area where you can easily score high if given due diligence in its preparation. Practice speaking with confidence and try incorporating substance in what you speak. Nonetheless, never fear on the judgment the panelists may pass on your answers as no answer is 100% correct unless it's a very specific question. Everyone will have different opinions and your individual opinion will be respected. It all depends on how you meaningfully try to engage your panelists. Try to sit comfortably , relax and spend a few seconds in framing your response before blurting out in haste.

It is to be borne in the mind of every individual that success doesn’t come by default. It is a result of deliberate search and well-defined action. If you say success is luck, then I shall reiterate that luck is when preparation meets an opportunity. It is a blemish-free fruit borne by the tree well nurtured or nourished. It is not by chance but by choice. But during screening tests like the PE, it is important to use your analytical skills as well.

However, these techniques are not to be generalized for every individual will have their own technique or methodology of defining or targeting for success. We only intend to motivate others to define their own course of action for determining their success. Neither, these are comprehensive tips to help you score high for what we felt helped us to achieve success through our experiences might not necessarily apply to others. These are a reiteration of very generic tips that helped some of us to achieve the intended target. 

We shall be enlivened even if a single individual benefits from our course of action and the experiences we have had. In fact, I was thrilled to know that the General RCSC Topper of 2017 followed the tips I have presented in my blog. I don't say that my tips has helped him achieve success but it would have certainly contributed some bits and pieces to his own techniques in gearing towards success. 

With this, we wish you all Luck and Success in your Endeavors.


  1. If many sees this post, many will be motivated, inspired and they will be able to cope up what they are going to face ahead of them which will turn their life into a blessing after their boundless tedious and long study terms.
    This may also help me
    Thank you!

  2. I just want to add that we have the compilation of past PE question-papers with answers in the library but since we have limited copies, we don't lend them. You can come to Harmony Youth Center (below YDF and above Swimming Pool) during office hours to see and discuss the past questions. If you can't find the library, please call 328098 for directions. Overall, this is a wonderful post, Tashi. Thanks for sharing your experiences. M sure many graduates will be benefited.

  3. I hope it would be a great help for our Young leaders taking PE or RCSC that will decide their future...Nice read