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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mermen:The Compassionate Warriors; A Bhutanese Tale as never before...

A fictitious story, authored by Sangay Wangchuk on the evolution of the Mermen and the Mermaids. It narrates on as to how the mer-people had to struggle to find a place for their existence after their blood brothers on land drove them away. But luck greeted their palm when they discovered the sea; their ultimate and destined home thereafter. But their brothers on the land casted their lustful eyes on the marine dwellers.  They were saturated with greed that they encroached further as the self-proclaimed rulers of sea.

Many a times, the mer-warriors lowered their heads and glimmered their compassionate gaze upon their land brothers. However, many mer-people fell victim to the wicked human spears-dipped in despicable venom. Their heavenly dwelling of sea was turning out to be lethal as the selfish humans dumped innumerable toxic wastes. Many of the exotic sea creatures have been wiped out as a result.

The whole account of the tale is crafted on the wickedness of Captain Turner; the name 'Turner' implying 'Turner of truth'; twisting tales to suit his own needs. His pointed war-missile like nose; bushy eyebrows and crooked lips articulated nothing but disdain and contempt. And he buries the truth under his false facial mask while accusing the innocent mer-people.

Human greed wore its hideous cloak at the sight of the beautiful pearls that adorned the mermaids. The Mer-Queen; whose eyes twinkled like rubies, so deep, so meaningful- manifested a star of hope in the darkest and meanest hour the king and the mer-kingdom was going through- the war against the humans.

No matter to what extent the mer-warriors exhibited their gentle nature immersed in compassion, their counter brothers casted their blind eyes . So they were left with no option than to challenge back and to restore peace and harmony in their aquatic life. The affectionate mermaids wove protective shields out of sturdy skins of exotic sea creatures for their husbands.

When the real day for the mighty war set in, even the clouds wailed; cuddled in the arms of the hills fearing the wrath of the ocean. Many lives were lost in the conflict and before long; before the fury of the sea could bury every human, Jimmy; a young officer under captain Turner and Alice; a journalist plays a miraculous role in reversing the entire course of fate for everyone; the mer-people as well as the humans.

A suspense crammed tale crafted on insatiable human greed; the shadows of which obscure the innate human goodness. It is a tale imbibed in value;  a call for balanced and holistic co-existence of humans; the most superior beings with all other beings and our mother nature.

As I flipped through each pages of the book, I felt as if I was watching a movie; with the scenic details and the characters reflected thereupon. The greatest benefit I inadvertently derived by reading this book is my realization that human desire can never be satiated, even at death bed and at the cost of brutally destroying others. It had a subsequent impact on my way of visualizing materialistic things and the very way of my thinking.


  1. Wonderful review sisy..keep up your good work ����

  2. Looks like an interesting book. Will get a copy soon. Where can I get it from?

    1. I have a few copies. Between, where do you reside la?