Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Embellish My Garden

In the vast garden of my soul,
The plant of your love will I have embellished.

Elegant hedges will I have surrounded you,
And so shall you be protected from the desiccating winds.

The exquisite edges will I have encased you,
And so will you look ever stunning.

The nonchalant water will I have meandered through the blue-tiled canals,
And so shall you derive the cooling effect.

The lane will I have crafted with masonry and pierced marble stones,
And so will many scuttle to grasp a glimpse of your magnificence.

The spiraling fountains will I have raised in your vicinity,
 And so shall you revere its incessant drizzles and ripples.

The annuals of varied shades and hues will I have implanted you with,
And so shall you be liberated from being a monotonous loner.

The arches and pergolas will I have erected in close proximity to you,
And so shall you enthrall the elegance of its adorned ramblers, creepers and twinners.

The base of your existence will I have carpeted with lush green lawn,
And so may you savor the grandeur of the spacious lawn.
 So submit your pledge to embellish the garden of my soul with the plant of your love…


  1. Nice to be connected with yet another Bhutanese Blogger. I have missed your sweet poetry so far, but not anymore.

  2. Thank you Choki and Passang for having gone through my scribbled lines.