Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Uninvited Guest!

Exercising the relative and absolute advantage of the piercing and sucking type of mouth parts they possess, the so-called creatures, Mosquitoes are one hell of a mortal being delving and challenging the humans. They are ready to plunge their piercing mouth into every flesh they encounter. It may sound inappropriate to use the word encounter for it’s not but a deliberate quest.

The fact that they act as a vector for a number of horrendous diseases is outrageous. But no one can deny the fact either. A number of incidences of Elephantiasis as I have witnessed it myself on my stroll through the village would send a creeping chill through my spines.

And so in our attempt to be proactive rather than reactive, we took on board a number of plausible measures.  It all started off with plugging in ‘All Out’ in the orifices of the sockets. But that seemed to have but a little effect for we weren't spared. We resorted to the mosquito coils then. But its swirling smoke in a poorly ventilated room rather intoxicated us.

Our next move was quite gratifying as long as we remained a pupa in a cocoon inside our enclosed nets. The moment we were out, they never failed to be a good receptionist, an accomplice with undue affection. No matter what we wear, it has an untold mechanism to pierce its way through our clothes.

The extent to which it torments us is such that we have to fling a gentle swing even while emptying our bowel. We have to get our body cleansed at the cost of being succumbed to the dreadful and gregarious assault.

The creature seems to have been out of control; an eerie of rampant outbreak .Their omnipresent nature and the pain it inflicts have me irritated as never before. The period aftermath its attack would I spend scratching the succumbed body. The intensity and the frequency would offer a little relief but ultimately bruise myself.

The creature had me defy the essence of being a Buddhist even. This is in line with the fact I find my hand instantaneously in action where my eye led to in utter retaliation. However, this I would ascribe as an act of self defense or a prompt act to avoid the predicament of being inflicted with the intolerable pain and or the consequent diseases.


  1. You're right. These creatures are really testing whether we're Buddhists. Not a wonder, we can hear their buzz even in Thimphu right after the lights are off.

  2. These 'guests' really don't care whether they are invited or not- shameless creatures. They are notoriously rampant here also. However,I think you should thank them as they gave you an idea to come up with this beautiful article. :-) Nice post. Tcare.

  3. interesting post.
    Your blog is really great-i love it so much. Maybe you're interested in following each other ? I would love it <3 Pls let me know in a comment on my blog
    kisses, atrophiĆ© ♥

  4. @Sherab...really? I guess it started invading the clean city of Thimphu too mosh?
    @Sonam Tenzin, indeed I'm indebted to these creatures for letting this idea flow from me.
    @atrophie, thank you for dropping by and would love to go through yours too. Sorry for the delayed response as I had connection problem for the past couple of weeks.