Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Ephemeral Being

 If the glimmering morning’s dew,
That lodges on the grassy stand,
Dwells, but for so short a moment to be cherished…

If the exquisite flower,
That blooms with its unblemished hue,
Mesmerizes, but so swiftly does it wither…

If the alluring beams,
That dawns on the beings beneath,
Comforts, but it to be obscured by the thunderous growl…

If a millipede on its expedite adventure,
Has to face the end of its guts,
When so witty and gregarious ants ambush its stroll…

If one who carols with merriment today,
Has to wail with excruciating agony tomorrow,
Who can evade the ultimate destiny?

If the nuptial knot that has been fastened,
Persists, but for it to be slackened off gradually,
What enthrall is there in the invincible love?

What rivet is there in the flawless beauty?
What meaning is there in sumptuous and fussy life?

For everything is adjoined by transiency.


  1. What a beautiful poem with deep meaning of impermanence. I too like writing poetry, but your way of writing is beautiful. Keep writing la.

  2. Thank you so much for your word of encouragement for it instills in me an interest to pursue my writing further.

  3. till now I have also written more than 80 poem in every news paper but i cannot not write like you since your words are arranged into a beautiful rhythm that ease our mind to become poignant at last,...this words has really touch my heart,(What rivet is there in the flawless beauty?
    What meaning is there in sumptuous and fussy life?) Keep it up always,....

  4. lovely poem with beautiful phrases... keep writing..

  5. exquisitely rhythmic poem...seize the day, live in the now!