Gardening the Bhutanese Way

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Uninvited Guest!

Exercising the relative and absolute advantage of the piercing and sucking type of mouth parts they possess, the so-called creatures, Mosquitoes are one hell of a mortal being delving and challenging the humans. They are ready to plunge their piercing mouth into every flesh they encounter. It may sound inappropriate to use the word encounter for it’s not but a deliberate quest.

The fact that they act as a vector for a number of horrendous diseases is outrageous. But no one can deny the fact either. A number of incidences of Elephantiasis as I have witnessed it myself on my stroll through the village would send a creeping chill through my spines.

And so in our attempt to be proactive rather than reactive, we took on board a number of plausible measures.  It all started off with plugging in ‘All Out’ in the orifices of the sockets. But that seemed to have but a little effect for we weren't spared. We resorted to the mosquito coils then. But its swirling smoke in a poorly ventilated room rather intoxicated us.

Our next move was quite gratifying as long as we remained a pupa in a cocoon inside our enclosed nets. The moment we were out, they never failed to be a good receptionist, an accomplice with undue affection. No matter what we wear, it has an untold mechanism to pierce its way through our clothes.

The extent to which it torments us is such that we have to fling a gentle swing even while emptying our bowel. We have to get our body cleansed at the cost of being succumbed to the dreadful and gregarious assault.

The creature seems to have been out of control; an eerie of rampant outbreak .Their omnipresent nature and the pain it inflicts have me irritated as never before. The period aftermath its attack would I spend scratching the succumbed body. The intensity and the frequency would offer a little relief but ultimately bruise myself.

The creature had me defy the essence of being a Buddhist even. This is in line with the fact I find my hand instantaneously in action where my eye led to in utter retaliation. However, this I would ascribe as an act of self defense or a prompt act to avoid the predicament of being inflicted with the intolerable pain and or the consequent diseases.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Love Insuperable

With reverence thee showered thy love.
With dire veneration did thee sing thy love song.
With benevolence, thee embraced when frail and feeble did I stand.
With serenity did thee considered my heart’s wail.
With unremitting love did thee sanctify me.
Thy Insuperable Love!

Thee emanated thy wispy rays on mundane life of mine.
Thee put forth thy hand of resolute & unwavering love.
Thee beamed thy iridescent smile when sullenly did I stare.
Thee comprehended and acknowledged my invincible love;
And with thy insuperable stance did thee reward me.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Embellish My Garden

In the vast garden of my soul,
The plant of your love will I have embellished.

Elegant hedges will I have surrounded you,
And so shall you be protected from the desiccating winds.

The exquisite edges will I have encased you,
And so will you look ever stunning.

The nonchalant water will I have meandered through the blue-tiled canals,
And so shall you derive the cooling effect.

The lane will I have crafted with masonry and pierced marble stones,
And so will many scuttle to grasp a glimpse of your magnificence.

The spiraling fountains will I have raised in your vicinity,
 And so shall you revere its incessant drizzles and ripples.

The annuals of varied shades and hues will I have implanted you with,
And so shall you be liberated from being a monotonous loner.

The arches and pergolas will I have erected in close proximity to you,
And so shall you enthrall the elegance of its adorned ramblers, creepers and twinners.

The base of your existence will I have carpeted with lush green lawn,
And so may you savor the grandeur of the spacious lawn.
 So submit your pledge to embellish the garden of my soul with the plant of your love…

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Hardworking Honeybees

Many a health dieticians recommend honey for general weakness or as an ailment in many cases.  And so do many relish the healthy and sweet taste that it offers.  But have anyone given a thought as to how strained the worker honeybees were in the process?

 Except for being a gluttonous consumer, we fail to realize the fact and appreciate the tremendous efforts put therein by the honeybees. And so negligent are we to the extent of harming the creature that actually nurtured us. Neither do we apprehend the need to maintain a balance in the ecosystem.  Maliciously we succumb them to the fiery attack or extract honey by unfair means.  

Honeybees are social insects with caste distinction and vivid division of labor, namely; the queen (fertile female), drones (fertile males) and workers (sterile females). Each caste has its own specific place in the colony and role too.
The queen, worker and the drone bee.
Well, the worker honeybees spends its arduous early 3 weeks life doing the indoor chores like constructing honey comb, cleaning, feeding the queen as well as the drones. It’s so to say that 3-4 worker bees are required to feed the languid drones.

The remaining 3 weeks do they lead a life of uphill struggle in their voyage round the earth in an endeavor to collect pollens, nectar, water, propolis and etcetera.  The worker honeybees fly 90,000 miles, the distance equal to 3 orbits round the earth to produce a kilogram of honey. An approximate of 2 million flowers do they have to visit to make 0.5kg of honey.

The sluggish drones do nothing except mating with the queen. They die immediately after mating, referred to as sexual suicide or are  driven out of the colony by the workers. They are stout in their physique and lead an indolent life, an utter contradiction to that of the worker or nurse bees.

The queen leads the bee colony and as such only a single queen is allowed per colony. Around 6 days after its emergence, it undertakes a nuptial flight during which thousands of drones tag along. The queen mates with a dozen or more drones During this, the queen stores millions of spermatozoa in her spermatheca.For this reason, the queen may be ascribed as a perfect egg laying machine on account of its ability to fertilize and lay eggs at her own will.

It’s so believed that life on earth will sustain only for 4 years if honeybees cease to exist. This is factual due to the immense role played by them in pollination of various crops which is a prerequisite to a bumper yield. How tedious and long-winded procedure would it be if we have to it all by ourselves?

Furthermore, the delectable honey which most of us relish; the bee wax molded into products like the cosmetics, shoe polishes, adhesives; and the bee venom used in the treatment of rheumatism, termed as Apitherapy are some of the notable outcomes of the hard toil of honeybees.

A rough sketch...
On account of the aforesaid benefits, I would suggest that Apiculture, the art and science of raising honeybees would be remunerative as well as a gratifying and heart-thrilling experience. And let’s submit our salute to this group of hardworking and dedicated creatures.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Ephemeral Being

 If the glimmering morning’s dew,
That lodges on the grassy stand,
Dwells, but for so short a moment to be cherished…

If the exquisite flower,
That blooms with its unblemished hue,
Mesmerizes, but so swiftly does it wither…

If the alluring beams,
That dawns on the beings beneath,
Comforts, but it to be obscured by the thunderous growl…

If a millipede on its expedite adventure,
Has to face the end of its guts,
When so witty and gregarious ants ambush its stroll…

If one who carols with merriment today,
Has to wail with excruciating agony tomorrow,
Who can evade the ultimate destiny?

If the nuptial knot that has been fastened,
Persists, but for it to be slackened off gradually,
What enthrall is there in the invincible love?

What rivet is there in the flawless beauty?
What meaning is there in sumptuous and fussy life?

For everything is adjoined by transiency.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Waiting List!

Clinging to the edge of the seat,
 With only half of her butt resting on it.
Sliding would it go, so frequently, so easily;
With each rhythmic jerk the train made.

The tin containers, the bottles, the cartoon boxes,
And the skinny knees that collided with hers,
Were innumerable yet inevitable,
The cumulous effect of which a throbbing would pain would it instigate.

Ticking were the minute and second hands of her watch,
But at the pace of a snail’s glide.
Her dripping eyelids couldn't rally round,
But let her swing like a swaying flag in the breeze.

The sweet, sour, bitter smells that greeted her nostrils;
Was nothing but nauseating.
The incessant sounds of various indentations & purposes,
Plunged her into the awe hypnotism.

Having paid the same as others sitting gleefully on seats,
Yet given no seat of one’s own;
That’s how travelling in train is with your ticket in waiting lists;
When five have had to squeeze in two seats!